VGX Holder Update: Ethos Recovery Air Drop

This blog post is for VGX holders who are holding their tokens outside of the Voyager Application. If you were holding your tokens on the Voyager app, click here to register for the airdrop. The process for VGX holders outside of the Voyager app will be separate from the Voyager Creditor registration. If you hold tokens both on the platform and outside of the platform, you are eligible for both airdrops.

Ethos is honoring VGX holders for the Ethos Recovery Air Drop

Since we announced our Voyager and VGX Creditor Recovery Airdrop we’ve had many questions with regards to people who have VGX tokens outside of the Voyager application. Whether it’s in their own private wallet or on another centralized exchange, Ethos is confirming support for the Ethos Recovery Airdrop for holders outside of the Voyager app.

When is the VGX Snapshot?

On November 14th 12:00 AM UTC, Ethos will be taking a blockchain snapshot of all on-chain holders. Certain holders may be excluded from this snapshot which may include centralized exchanges that are not supporting the airdrop and staking addresses. Ethos reserves the right to determine eligibility. To ensure your participation in the airdrop, Ethos recommends that all users withdraw their VGX from centralized exchanges and into their own self-custody wallets before November 14th to ensure inclusion in the airdrop. Ethos cannot guarantee support for users that do not withdraw before this date.

What is the difference between a VGX creditor and VGX a holder?

A “Creditor” is someone who was a customer with assets on the Voyager platform. Customers are creditors to the Voyager estate. Anyone with Bitcoin, USDC, Ethereum or other Crypto assets should sign up to the Creditor Airdrop here. If you are someone who has possession of your VGX on other exchanges or your private wallets you are defined as a “VGX Holder”. VGX Holders will go through a snapshot and claim process for their ETHOS airdrop allocations. We will have more information on this process soon, and our support will be around to help answer questions as the process begins.

If I’m a VGX holder what do I need to do?

Make sure you have your VGX tokens in your own private wallet fully in your possession before November 14th. This is to make sure your VGX is accounted for in our upcoming Recovery Airdrop snapshot. 

We will continue to update everyone through our official social channels. We’ll be having another “How To Guide” coming out for anyone confused with the process when the Ethos Airdrop commences. We’re aiming to make this process as simple as possible for everyone involved. 

Thirdly, do not hold your VGX on any exchange. We are communicating with exchanges to support the airdrop, however, we cannot guarantee support. If you do not have control of your private keys you may not be able to obtain the Ethos Recovery Airdrop.

How will I claim my ETHOS tokens?

If you hold VGX in your own wallet, you will be able to claim your tokens through a smart contract claim mechanism which will be released at the same time that tokens from the Voyager creditor registration and referral programs become claimable. Be sure to withdraw your tokens from any unsupported exchanges or staking addresses to your own personal wallet under your control. We will not be asking for any private key information and will not be able to access your cryptocurrency holdings in any way. Please do not share your private keys to anyone. It is not required for our Ethos Recovery Airdrop.

What will happen to my VGX tokens I hold?

Nothing will happen to your VGX tokens as this is an airdrop not a token swap. We are not claiming any ownership of any VGX tokens, nor will we request any of them. Do not send your VGX tokens to anyone besides yourself for private holding. Ethos will not be requesting ownership, taking ownership, or interacting with the VGX tokens in any way besides using it as a reference for our Snapshot. Nor is Ethos affiliated with current VGX or Voyager in any way.

If I signed up for the first Ethos Recovery creditor list, will I also receive Ethos with the airdrop?

As these are two separate processes you are able to participate in both. However if your VGX is curranty on Voyager and you are a creditor you may be eligible for the Creditor Recovery Airdrop. If so, please either sign up with the google form link or check out our “How To” guide for that process. This Airdrop is for VGX holders as defined above. If you are in possession of currently (in your own private wallet) you will be eligible for this airdrop. If you have a split portion of assets between the two, you will still be eligible to participate due to this being on chain via the Ethereum Networks, as long as you’re holding your private keys.

When will we hear more information?

We will have another separate How To guide and Blog post detailing more information on how to receive your VGX tokens for the snapshot and will communicate the dates more heavily closer to launch. Right now, you should move your VGX tokens into a self-custody wallet before November 14th and follow our twitter for official updates. We will also be including more information in our Ethos mailing list, so make sure to sign up and earn your free Ethos tokens at the bottom of the page. Reminder to send up

How long will we have to receive the airdrop?

The Voyager and VGX creditor airdrop will be running for at least a year here which as a reminder you can sign up using this link. VGX holders will have at least 1 year once the smart contract is live to claim their tokens. 

Why do I want Ethos tokens?

Our Ethos token will be used for many various rewards in the Ethos App and will be usable within the Ethos ecosystem. While we are not assigning any value to the coins airdropped, these will be integral parts of our future Ethos App launching early in 2023. The Ethos token will be a part of the referral, trading reduction, earn programs, trading cash back and many more various features on the Ethos App platform. You are free to opt out of this airdrop if you choose to do so. Stay tuned for the full whitepaper and tokenomics release. 

Do I get the same ratio as Voyager Creditors?

All VGX/ETHOS 1.0/VGX 1.0 holders will receive the same ratio (2 ETHOS for every 1 VGX/ETHOS 1.0/VGX 1.0). Voyager creditors receive approximately 0.38 tokens per $1 as a creditor on Voyager. Everyone is being treated equally.

What wallet should I use?

Any self-custody wallet that can sign smart contract transactions. As long as you hold your own keys, you will likely be fine.

If I forgot to swap my old VGX or BGX tokens will I still be eligible?

We will be providing support for anyone who missed the previous token swap window from our prior airdrops and token swaps. So if you were a previous Ethos ICO holder or were not able to swap your VGX 1.0 tokens originally we will also be providing support for this airdrop to you. More details will be released on our official blog post and announcement in the coming weeks.

We hope you’re excited as well are. We will be answering questions in a twitter spaces later on today at 2 PM PST. You can set a reminder for this space here. This will also be recorded for anyone who is unable to make it live. As well we will be releasing additional blog posts and guides for anyone who might be feeling overwhelmed, or someone who has not participated in an airdrop before. One last reminder: Please have your VGX tokens in your own self-custody by November 14th 12:00 AM UTC.

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