Our Values

Our Values

Ethos Core Value

You’re In Control.

At Ethos, the customer is always in the driver’s seat. Ethos never takes possession of keys or coins. Ethos lets users access DeFi opportunities directly from their self-custody vault.

Ethos is a decentralized platform, meaning, even if Ethos fails, you still have access to all of your crypto. 

All the Control. None of the Anxiety.

With Ethos’s patent-pending Magic Key technology, you can securely back-up and restore your keys without sacrificing any control. Ethos cannot reconstruct your key, only you can. Using your Safe Words, you can securely restore your keys on any device, without ever exposing them to the dangers of a centralized exchange. 

Self-Directed. Always.

Nothing happens without your say-so. Every trade you execute requires your signature and is fully self-directed. Ethos does not control any of your keys or crypto. You decide what risks you want to take or not take. 

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

Ethos provides you with the tools you need to access DeFi, but all decisions are your own. You are responsible for your investment decisions. Ethos recommends that you do extensive research into anything you decide to trade and to only invest what you can afford to lose. Ethos provides you with the software and resources to help you succeed, but ultimately, your destiny is in your hands.

Ethos Core Value

Be an Informed Crypto User.

At Ethos, we believe that every consumer should be fully informed of every decision they are making. Ethos provides educational resources and coin-based news so that you can always be on top of the latest trends.

Live Markets for Live Trading

Ethos provides you with a wealth of information and data analytics so you can make live decisions in a fast-paced environment. Get the latest news and prices immediately and trade directly from your secure, self-custody vault. 

Your Risk, Your Decisions

Unlike centralized platforms that may take excessive risks with your crypto, Ethos never holds your keys or crypto. You get to decide what risks you do, or don’t, want to take. Every trade or yield decision is entirely self-directed and always will be.

On Chain. Always.

One of the biggest innovations that blockchain technology introduced was the ability to create a fully transparent, auditable record of every transaction. Every transaction you make on Ethos is posted to the blockchain so that you can know everything about your activity on the platform. 

Ethos Core Value

Your Keys, Your Crypto, Your Ethos

Get all the benefits of self-custody and control without the security headaches that come with it. Ethos is on a mission to make self-custody available to everyone in the world. Every individual deserves enterprise-grade security and protection. Best of all – securing your keys is 100% free.

Secure Backup and Restoration with Magic Keys

Ethos’s patent-pending Magic Keys technology lets you securely backup and restore your keys and crypto on any device. Magic Keys are 100% decentralized and Ethos never has access to your keys or crypto. Even if Ethos gets hacked or fails, your crypto is kept safe and secure on your personal device.

Military-Grade Security and Encryption

Transform your phone into a highly secure hardware wallet. Ethos leverages the latest advances in cryptography as well as the secure enclave on your device to keep your key safe and secure. Read more about this system here.

Protected by 7 Layers of Security

You can rest easy knowing that your keys are protected by 7 layers of security.

  1. Biometric Encryption
  2. RSA-Encrypted Shards
  3. Multi-Party Cryptography (MPC)
  4. 3-Factor Social Guardian Protection
  5. Mobile 2FA
  6. Mobile Enclave Backup
  7. Key Sharding and Backup

Ethos Core Value

The Blockchain Always Tells the Truth

Everything is on-chain. Always. You can trust Ethos because everything happens on the blockchain and audit it for yourself.

Crypto was built for transparency and auditability. No centralization to hide behind.

Information Always Visible

We believe that customers should always be fully educated on every decision that is being made. Ethos provides up-front information that helps you make informed decisions.

Trust, but Verify

DeFi doesn’t ask for your trust, DeFi earns your trust. Centralized exchanges obscure important information that prevents you from making informed decisions.

Transparency is critical for building trust in crypto. We believe in radical transparency.

Choose What Risks You Want to Take

When information is readily available, you get to choose what risks you do, or don’t, want to take. Centralized exchanges may lend or stake crypto without your knowledge or consent. At Ethos, every decision is yours to make and every risk is yours to take. 

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