Introducing the All-New Ethos Platform

Ethos is Self-Custody Redefined

Ethos Vault

Ethos Vault redefines the way you secure your digital assets by transforming your phone into a hardware wallet. With our breakthrough patent-pending multi-party cryptography (MPC) technology, your funds are protected by a cutting-edge security mechanism. Ethos Vault leverages the encrypted device subsystem on both iOS and Android devices.

Magic Keys

Enterprise-grade key sharding technology made easy and available to all. Say goodbye to complex seed phrases with Magic Keys! By remembering just three magic words, you can effortlessly retrieve your keys and regain access to your assets.

Live Markets

Stay ahead of the game with Live Markets, a feature that provides you with real-time data, news, and prices from around the globe. You can now make informed decisions based on the latest information available.

News Hub

Dynamic, comprehensive, and up-to-date source of cryptocurrency news. This feature is designed to keep you informed about the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Self-Custody Swaps

 Ethos Self-Custody Vault enables you to broadcast and sign your transactions directly on the blockchain, eliminating the need to place your assets on a centralized exchange. Ethos leverages the 0x Protocol to get you the best price quotes which you can use to execute peer-to-peer swaps.

Ethos Rewards

Earn rewards and rebates with every transaction, making your crypto experience more rewarding than ever. The Ethos Rewards Program and the ETHOS token provide a unique opportunity for our valued customers to engage with our platform and be rewarded for their loyalty. As we release updates to our app, we will also be increasing the utility of our token. 

Self-Custody Staking

You can harness the power of Lido (stETH) and Rocket Pool (rETH) while maintaining full ownership of your assets. Say goodbye to third-party intermediaries and hello to secure, decentralized staking.

Social Guardians

Inspired by a thesis from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Ethos introduces Social Guardians as one of the many security layers that set us apart. With Social Guardians, your trusted friends and family can prevent unauthorized key recovery, adding an additional layer of security to your self-custody experience.

7 Layers of Security

We understand the importance of comprehensive security, and that’s why Ethos Vault offers seven layers of additional protection. Ethos takes the best security features from hardware and software wallets to create a novel and holistic approach to keeping self-custody of your assets.

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