Every movement has its leaders.

Crypto deserves better than the current status quo. Defi is crypto’s best shot at developing a future that’s open for all. The mission of Defi needs bold leaders and connectors to help make this vision a reality. If this sounds like you, we need your passion to make it so. Apply to join the Ethos Ambassador program today.

Actively participate in shaping DeFi

As a member of our Ambassador program, you’ll be invited to participate in exclusive monthly online briefings, including Ethos engineering updates, DeFi thought leadership round tables and presentations. You’ll also be first to know about Ethos updates which you will be expected to share with your network. Your voice will help shape Ethos.

Creators can help create the future

If you’re a creator or influencer, you’ll have the opportunity to create and share special unique Ethos content and earn ETHOS. And every ambassador can help spread the word utilizing our social assets library and the support of our community and executive network.

Connect with DeFi

You will have direct access to some of today’s most influential DeFi leaders and Ethos founders and management, including Shingo and Adam Lavine, and many others. You’ll have an inside track to the latest developments and trends shaping the crypto industry today.

Earn ETHOS for helping build Ethos 

Active ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn ETHOS for sharing and creating Ethos content. The more impact you make, the more you earn, the more you create a future that’s open for all.

Apply to become an ambassador

You’ll also enjoy perks like first-to-know news, exclusive swag, product council participation and more. So join us in defying the status quo today.

Program Highlights

  • Bi-monthly online events
  • Connect with thought-leaders
  • Creators/influencers earn ETHOS
  • First-to-know news
  • Exclusive swag
  • Product Council