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Why Choose Ethos?

  • 100% Self-Custodial – Ethos finally makes maintaining complete control of your own funds secure and easy.
  • Unparalleled Security – Ethos Vaults provide 7-layer crypto security while saying goodbye to private keys and seed phrases.
  • Magic Keys – The easiest, most secure crypto key solution on the market. Make 24-word seed phrases and key anxiety a thing of the past. Just remember three magic words out of five to get your keys back.
  • Live Markets – Crypto never sleeps and neither does the Ethos Live Markets engine. Use the app to stream live prices across dozens of Defi exchanges and protocols. 
  • Earn Rewards – Self-custody has never been so rewarding. With the Ethos loyalty program, you can earn crypto rewards and level up to higher membership tiers.
  • Self-Custody Yield – Take control of your own future with Self-Custody Yield. Easily create your own DeFi liquidity strategy, or use others with a single tap. 
  • Social Recovery – Inspired by a thesis from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Social Guardians let friends and family prevent an unauthorized key recovery. One of many security layers that set Ethos apart.

Self-custody made secure and easy

Everything you want.

(Especially your keys)

Magic Keys

The easiest most secure crypto key solution on the market.  Enterprise grade key sharding technology made easy and available to all. Make 24-word seed phrases and key anxiety a thing of the past. Just remember three magic words to get your keys back.

Ethos Vault

Ethos Vault revolutionizes the way you secure your digital assets by transforming your phone into a hardware wallet. With our breakthrough patent-pending MPC technology, your funds are protected by a cutting-edge security mechanism. Secure self-custody made convenient and easy.

Live Markets

Live Markets provides you with real-time data, news, and prices aggregated from different sources. Broadcast and execute trades directly to the Blockchain from your Vault. No need to deposit or withdraw funds! Zero centralization and counter-party risk.

Best Price Execution

Ethos uses 0x to search dozens of Defi exchanges to find you the best price and liquidity. The Ethos app can even split trades across multiple providers to complete your transactions.

Ethos Rewards

Get free Ethos tokens with every transaction. The more you collect, the more trade rebates you can get. Using crypto should be a rewarding experience!

Self-Custody Yield

Take control of your investments with Self-Custody Yield. With this feature, you have the flexibility to create your own unique yield strategy or leverage pre-existing strategies with just a tap, empowering you to maximize your returns.

Ethos is Self-Custody Redefined

We believe in the self-custody vision
of crypto’s founders.

Crypto was first introduced in 2009 in response to the abuse of power
from centralized financial institutions – power that belongs in the hands of the people.
Today, Ethos is bringing that self-custody vision to build a future that is for everyone.