Introducing the Voyager Token
ETHOS token to be formally rebranded to the Voyager Token (VGX) and become a native cryptocurrency Broker Token.
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Voyager VGX Token
A Crypto Broker Token that Reduces Network Fees and lets holders Collect Cashback and Earn Interest.
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Ethos Bedrock

We built a revolutionary platform to connect financial institutions with the blockchain. Bedrock makes blockchain protocols as easy as Amazon Web Services, empowering enterprises to build disruptive applications.

APIs to create keys, addresses and deterministic omnibus directories.


APIs for Blockchain transactions including broadcast, signature and verification.


Notification system for transaction state and alerting on abnormal transactions.


Enabling institutions to cryptographically verify source of funds and identities.


Direct connections to live managed Blockchain nodes enabling instant transaction notifications.

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"A universal mobile wallet, where the user remains in complete control of their private keys: That's the true revolution, honoring the decentralized nature of true cryptocurrencies."

"Ethos is really laying the groundwork to be a big player in making crypto accessible to the masses in a way that gives them back the power."

"Ethos universal wallet allows me to monitor my portfolio, securely store and send money across the world. The interface is clean and intuitive – exactly what the world of crypto has been waiting for."

"Ethos is well on its’ way to paving the road to a New Economy – righting the wrongs of the old economy and allowing a more natural transition for the crypto community."

"In a nutshell, the app is a work of art, and we should all give HUGE credit to the Ethos team for bringing this into our lives. Simple, easy, fast & most importantly, secure."

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