The Future of the ETHOS Token

A Comprehensive Update on the Recovery Airdrop and in-App Rewards Program


We know that many of you are eagerly anticipating the launch of the ETHOS token and Ethos app. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to design a modern loyalty program and are excited to share a peek into the future of the ETHOS token. The ETHOS token is set to redefine the landscape of on-chain crypto loyalty programs, and we’re here to provide an in-depth update on the upcoming ETHOS token airdrop and the Rewards Program in general.

Building a next-gen self-custody loyalty program doesn’t happen overnight. We wanted to launch the ETHOS token the right way and create a sustainable business model and product that provides value to our community. That’s why we are implementing a carefully considered phased approach that will strengthen ETHOS and set it apart in terms of both adoption and utility. 

The Ethos Token:

A Brief Overview

The ETHOS token is a unique offering from Ethos, a company dedicated to making self-custody of cryptocurrency safe, accessible and secure for everyone. The token has been designed purely as a loyalty token to encourage the use of self-custody and the Ethos application. It’s important to note that the ETHOS token is not an investment in the company and will not share in the profits of the company, if any. Rather, the ETHOS token will have utility value for users of the app like other well-designed loyalty programs.  There will be an opportunity for the community to invest in the company through a Reg CF crowdfund planned for the Fall, but that is a separate and unrelated event. Further, please note that Ethos, the company, is not selling any ETHOS tokens nor allocating any tokens to the founding team for personal enrichment. Rather, the ETHOS token is being freely distributed pursuant to the company’s Recovery Airdrop and Rewards Program for the sole benefit of its users and community.

The Ethos Token:

A Phased Approach

The allocation and rewarding of the ETHOS token will take place in a phased approach, beginning with the launch of the Ethos App on July 4th. The first phase is enabling in-app accumulation of points based on activities related to education and awareness. Click the button below to see a list of pre-launch activities where users can earn ETHOS tokens. 

Phase 1:

Activity Rewards and Loyalty Tiers

In the first phase, users will be able to earn activity rewards and be assigned loyalty tiers based on token balances when the app goes live. Users who have earned tokens from pre-launch campaigns and/or received them from the airdrop will not be able to immediately claim tokens in-app until Phase 2. This is to help establish the utility value of the token.


Users will be able to get a sneak peak of some of the benefits that some of the higher loyalty tiers hold upon app launch on July 4th. For more detailed and up to date information, users can click the button below or visit

Phase 2:

Claiming Virtual Tokens and Full Loyalty Tiers

The second phase will allow users to claim virtual token balances and experience the full benefits of their loyalty tiers. The reason for the virtual claim is to allow users to participate in the loyalty program while preparing the application for a Liquidity Bootstrap Auction  (LBA)and extended lockdrop (more on that below). Virtual tokens correspond 1:1 to real tokens, but will not be transferable until after the LBA. Claiming tokens will happen using the same email address that users registered their tokens initially. Users will enter their email address in the app and then click a link to sync their token balance to their Ethos app.

Here is how it will look in-app:

Phase 3:

LBA, Extended Airdrop, and Full Token Launch

The third phase involves the Liquidity Bootstrap Auction (LBA), Extended Airdrop, and Full Token Launch. The LBA is an opportunity for users to help bootstrap liquidity for real tokens (which will correspond 1:1 with virtual tokens from Phase 2), with some initial tokens being released for participation. Ethos and its management will NOTbe selling any tokens. The LBA provides a community-driven liquidity model. Users can also extend their vesting periods during the Extended Airdrop to earn additional bonuses. For full information about the LBA, please click here.


The goal of the LBA is to literally bootstrap liquidity for a community-driven, self-custody token that takes crypto back to its roots of self-sovereignty, security, and accessibility for all.

Here is a preview of the LBA:

ETHOS Token Allocation Date:

Where Users Have Earned Tokens

Users have earned ETHOS tokens in a variety of ways, including:


  • Waitlist & Referral Program (now closed)


  • Waitlist & Referral Competition (now closed, winners have been notified via email)


  • Competition Rewards


  • Verified Voyager Bankruptcy Claims


  • Verified Celsius Bankruptcy Claims


For a full list of campaigns, please click the button below.

Important Information for Users

Ethos is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy. The company NEVER has access to users’ keys and coins and will never ask users for access to the same. Furthermore, Ethos does not plan nor will it sell tokens to anyone.

In a move that underscores the company’s commitment to the mission of self-custody and decentralization, Ethos has not allocated any tokens to the founding team and, as such, the founding team will not be selling tokens. This decision reflects the ETHOS token’s purpose as a self-custody loyalty token, not an investment contract in a profit-making venture.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, the ETHOS token is poised to play a significant role in the Ethos ecosystem. The phased airdrop approach ensures a smooth transition for users, while the loyalty tiers and activity rewards provide incentives for continued engagement.

Utility for the ETHOS token will continue to expand as Ethos launches new products. Ethos has a very exciting roadmap with token utility top of mind.

Remember, the ETHOS token is not an investment but rather a vehicle to encourage the use of self-custody and the Ethos application. As the Ethos community continues to grow, the ETHOS token will be at the heart of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates on the Ethos App launch and the phased Airdrop of the ETHOS token.

As we navigate the exciting world of cryptocurrency, Ethos is committed to providing a secure, user-friendly platform for all. The ETHOS token is a testament to this commitment, fostering a sense of loyalty and community among users. As we move forward, Ethos will continue to prioritize the needs and security of its users, ensuring that the ETHOS token remains a valuable part of the Ethos ecosystem.

Remember to stay informed and updated by visiting the official Ethos website at and the token-specific website at Here’s to a future where cryptocurrency is accessible and secure for everyone, with the Ethos community leading the way.

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