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And we’re sticking to our beliefs.

We believe in the self-custody vision of crypto’s founders.

Thirteen years ago, crypto was created in response to the abuse of power from centralized financial institutions. Crypto was made to take back that power. Today, that self-custody vision is more relevant than ever.

“Pretty sure Satoshi never would’ve been on a CEX.”


We believe in blockchain transparency.

A belief that guided the creation of our 2018 self-custody on-chain Universal Wallet, which quickly garnered 100,000+ users. Because these days, we all know anybody can claim anything. But blockchain always tells the truth.

“People are not going to go back to crypto if they can’t trust their on-ramps.”


We believe in demystifying DeFi.

You shouldn’t have to hold an engineering degree just to figure out how to self-custody your crypto. We believe it can be easy. And that simplicity isn’t dependent on centralization.

“I’m not a huge techie. I don’t want to go through a hundred hoops to buy ETH.”


We believe in the power of community.

Crypto was made to empower people, not institutions. We believe together, we can create a financial future that’s fair and open for all. Because the future’s for everyone. Not CEOs.

“CeFi sucked everything out of this market, while DeFi still keeps chugging along. Done with CeFi for good!”


In short, our mission is transparent too.

To fulfill crypto’s original mission, put the power of decentralized finance into people’s hands, and create a future that is open, safe and fair for all.

So join us in defying centralization