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More than just a DeFi wallet. Ethos Self Custody Vault- Your Web3 Platform.
Ethos Self-Custody Vault - no coil
Ethos Self-Custody Vault - no coil

Available on Android and Apple App Store

Self-custody made secure and easy

Invest in the future of finance

The Ethos crowdfund is off to an extraordinary start on Republic, raising over $100K in less than a week. Join us bringing DeFi to all. Invest in Ethos now.

Key Management is easier than ever

Secure Vault Gateway
Our patent-pending Magic Key technology is a breakthrough for easy, secure self-custody. Make 24-word seed phrases and key anxiety a thing of the past with Ethos.

Self-custody made faster, easier, and more powerful

DeFi Investments

Ethos non-custodial Vault turns your mobile phone into a hardware wallet by utilizing your phone’s impenetrable Secure Element.

Live trading directly from your wallet

Ethos Defi Vault Live Market
Live trading without giving up control of your assets.  Find the best price across dozens of defi exchanges.  Execute live on chain with no middleman.

Live news and prices at your fingertips

Intuitively designed, the Ethos app gives you real-time prices, data, analytics, and top news. All aggregated for your convenience from dozens of news and data sources.

Easy Yield while keeping 100% control of your crypto

You can harness the power of Lido (stETH) and Rocket Pool (rETH) while maintaining full ownership of your assets. Say goodbye to third-party intermediaries and hello to secure, decentralized staking.

New and innovative self-custody rewards program

Ethos crypto rewards program

Self-custody has never been so rewarding. With the Ethos loyalty program, you can earn crypto rewards and rebates and level up to higher membership tiers.

Trusted social guardians have your back

Inspired by a thesis from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Social Guardians let friends and family prevent an unauthorized key recovery. One of many security layers that set Ethos apart.

Web3 access redefined

Ethos is built for access to a range of web3 services, including NFTs

The Ethos architecture has been engineered from the ground up to be a gateway to web3. With future releases offering access to NFTs, gaming, tokenized assets and more.

Crypto redefined


The last few years, crypto lost its way. We’ve returned to restore its original self-custody ethos. We champion self-sovereignty. We uphold the freedom to self-secure digital assets. And we will never take custodial possession of keys or coins.

We believe in the self-custody vision
of crypto’s founders.

Crypto was first introduced in 2009 in response to the abuse of power
from centralized financial institutions – power that belongs in the hands of the people.
Today, Ethos is bringing that self-custody vision to build a future that is for everyone.

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Available on Android and Apple App Store

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What's New in Version 2.4:

  • Onramper Integration
  • Multichain (L2) Support with Polygon
  • WalletConnect
  • Liquid Staking

Ethos Crowdfund is Live!