The easiest and most secure way to go DeFi.

Coming Q2 2023

Meet your new secure crypto Vault

Your phone.

Ethos turns your unhackable device subsystem into ultra-secure crypto storage called Ethos Vault.  A new and easy way to create, store and backup your crypto keys. 

Make key anxiety vanish
with new Magic Keys

Ethos Magic Keys is a revolution in crypto keys. Just remember three Safe Words to get them back. No more complex seed phrases. And with built-in backup and  restore, it’s the easiest, most secure key solution ever.

Easy, secure control over your own crypto with real-time trading

No more giving up control of your crypto or trading on risky centralized exchanges.  Keep control over your own crypto and trade straight to the blockchain directly from your own Ethos Vault.

Your crypto portfolio,
intelligently designed

See all of your assets at a glance, including balance, purchase price and returns. Your keys, your crypto, your portfolio.

Live Markets gives you the intel you need, and nothing you don’t

Ethos Defi Trading Vault gives you real-time data, analytics and prices across dozens of defi exchanges.  Best Execution pricing finds the best trade route, directly from your Vault.  Updated every eight seconds, live with every new Ethereum 2.0 block.

The most rewarding

rewards program ever

Get crypto rewards and rebates with every trade.  Stake ETHOS tokens to earn even higher rewards.  

Build your own earn program
with Yield Seeker

No more investing your assets into risky CeFi earn programs. Easily create your own unique DeFi yield strategy, or use others with a single tap.

Find the best price with our Best Execution Router

Monitors dozens of Defi exchanges with blockchain analytics, giving you best price execution. Erice Router can also break up your trade into multiple smaller orders for multi-exchange liquidity.

Let friends and family help prevent fraud with Social Guardians

Based on Vitalik Buterin’s lauded  Social Recovery concept, your assigned  Social Guardians are alerted any time a key restoration attempt occurs, giving them the power to approve or reject the restoration.

Defy losses with our Recovery Airdrop

If you have lost money with Voyager as a creditor or a VGX holder, you may be eligible for an ETHOS Recovery Airdrop. We are allocating up to one billion ETHOS to be distributed to those affected—no strings attached.

Defy with Ethos