More than just a DeFi wallet. Ethos Self Custody Vault- Your Web3 Gateway.
Ethos Self-Custody Vault - no coil
Ethos Self-Custody Vault - no coil

Coming Summer 2023

Self-custody finally made secure and easy

Ethos - Key Management Redefined
Secure Vault Gateway
Our patent-pending Magic Key technology is a breakthrough for easy, secure self-custody. Make 24-word seed phrases and key anxiety a thing of the past with Ethos.
Ethos - Live Markets Redefined
Ethos Defi Vault Live Market
Intuitively designed, the Ethos app gives you real-time prices, data, analytics, and top news. All aggregated for your convenience from dozens of news and data sources.
Ethos - Security Redefined
DeFi Investments

Ethos non-custodial Vault turns your mobile phone into a hardware wallet by utilizing your phone’s impenetrable Secure Element.

Ethos - Rewards Redefined
Ethos crypto rewards program

Self-custody has never been so rewarding. With the Ethos loyalty program, you can earn crypto rewards and rebates and level up to higher membership tiers.

Ethos -Yield Redefined
Ethos yield seeker

Take control of your own future with Self-Custody Yield. Easily create your own DeFi liquidity strategy, or use others with a single tap. 

Ethos - Social Recovery Redefined

Inspired by a thesis from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Social Guardians let friends and family prevent an unauthorized key recovery. One of many security layers that set Ethos apart.

Ethos - Web3 Access Redefined
Ethos is built for access to a range of web3 services, including NFTs

The Ethos architecture has been engineered from the ground up to be a gateway to web3. With future releases offering access to NFTs, gaming, tokenized assets and more.


The last few years, crypto lost its way. We’ve returned to restore its original self-custody ethos. We champion self-sovereignty. We uphold the freedom to self-secure digital assets. And we will never take custodial possession of keys or coins.

We believe in the self-custody vision
of crypto’s founders.

Crypto was first introduced in 2009 in response to the abuse of power
from centralized financial institutions – power that belongs in the hands of the people.
Today, Ethos is bringing that self-custody vision to build a future that is for everyone.

Coming this summer

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More than just a DeFi wallet. Ethos Self Custody Vault- Your Web3 Gateway.
Ethos Coil - The Main Ethos Logo
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