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When Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet?

At Ethos we take our community questions, concerns and inquiries very seriously. So in transparent fashion we wanted to write an article to directly address a common question about the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet that’s been popping up on our social channels, “When wallet?”

Unlike many dapps being launched in the blockchain industry, Ethos has thousands of global users ready to download and use the app upon its immediate release. In fact, Ethos already has well over 100,000 people pre-registered for the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet, from over 40-countries.

Due to the large-scale support and anticipation of our upcoming wallet release, we have to undergo a very specialized type of load testing, to ensure that we can on-board our users seamlessly.

Below is a summary of the status of our Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet Release.

A Scalable Decentralized Architecture

The Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet design is unique in that, 1) it is intended to create a massively decentralized architecture that enables self-custody of assets. And 2) that it can sync with generalized abstracted blockchains. This scale architecture has turned out to be a massive undertaking (good thing we didn’t know when we started), but one that we believe has profound implications for cryptocurrency, blockchain and traditional finance.

Let’s take a specific example and say you want to store your own Ethereum. You don’t want to synchronize your mobile device with the 100+ gigabytes of data in the Ethereum blockchain. Rather, you just want to know which transactions are yours and be able to broadcast, sign and approve transactions related to your device. We built this through an open API architecture, Ethos Bedrock.

The maxim held true, “the last 10% takes 90% of the time”. But the result entails a scalable architecture we can continue to utilize for future upgrade iterations of our technology.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is Testing on Mainnet

Our Ethos developers and internal team members are now testing the Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet on Mainnet using crypto connected to the blockchain.

The blockchains of various cryptocurrencies are syncing properly with the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet. Ethos is finalizing certain elements of our charting and Watchfolio functionalities for various cryptocurrencies to optimize our real-time analytics.

There were a few delays but all bugs have been resolved, none of which pertain to security vulnerabilities.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet has Passed All Security Check Milestones

While the on-boarding of a multitude of cryptocurrencies has taken some time, the Ethos wallets inside of the application have passed all security check milestones.

We are extremely proud of how secure and battle-tested our application will be at the time of launch, as we have been exhaustive in this process.

While we completely understand the frustration with the length of time it’s taken for us to release our dapp – we felt it imperative to ensure that our features are flawless and that security – our top priority – is failsafe.

To be clear, we are finalizing testing. There are no security issues or security flaws affecting the wallet and holding back its release.

Ethos Product Council & Genesis Release

Ethos is excited to welcome over 2,200+ community members to be the first to use, test and report their Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet experience to Ethos.

The Product Council members received the invite to download the app on the Android and iOS app store. They are actively using the app on Mainnet, performing tons of transactions in real-time with Bitcoin, Ethereum and a large variety of ERC-20 tokens.

So far the feedback has been resoundingly positive, especially regarding the intuitive and friendly UI. This is a major milestone for the Universal Wallet, as we are flushing out any performance abnormalities to make sure it’s fully optimized for our global release.

The Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet Released to Specific Countries in Batches

In order to assure a smooth on-boarding of users to the Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet, we will be announcing its release to specific countries in batches. During our release campaign, we will be spontaneously announcing the UW Release in specific countries on a nearly daily basis.

We anticipate to on-board as many, but not limited to, 5 countries a week. Please stay tuned for our announcement for when your country will be set to receive the Universal Wallet.

The Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet will be Released on Android & iOS App Stores

When the wallet is ready for its release – the Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet will be released directly for download on the Android & iOS app Stores.

Similar to downloading any traditional app, all you will have to do is visit the app store and click download to start the process of activating your Universal Wallet and creating your first SmartKeys and Watchfolios.

Ethos Announces Partnership with Fusion Financial Advisors

Ethos has confirmed a partnership with Fusion Financial Advisors, LLC.

“We are thrilled to announce that Fusion Financial Advisors, LLC (“Fusion”) is now one of the first federally registered investment advisors regulated in the United States, offering diversified portfolios consisting of cryptocurrencies.”

Read the full article on Medium Here

So, When Wallet?

As a team, we wish that we could answer that question with full transparency and accuracy to give everyone a clear expectation on the wallet’s release. However, due to the pending tasks outlined above, we cannot at this time provide exact timing.

We can assure you that the app is nearing its release and we are in the homestretch. You should expect the Ethos Universal Wallet in select app-stores soon.

The Ethos Universal Wallet is testing wonderfully and we are confident that it will be released with more enhanced features than any other app with similar functionality.

We appreciate your patience. Stay tuned, the future is bright!