What is Key Sharding?

Key Sharding or Shamir’s Secret Sharing is a process by which a private crypto key is split into separate pieces or shards.

Each shard is useless, but when enough are assembled they reconstruct the key.

As the technology is based on cryptography, it allows for unique systems that aren’t traditionally possible.

For example, you could distribute 5 shards where any 3 can reconstruct the key.

Imagine this like a safety deposit box with 3 keyholes and 5 keyholders.

Any 3 of the keyholders could gather to open up the box and access anything inside.

Key Sharding is very flexible so any number of shards could be required to restore the key.

Secret sharing enables applications like clearinghouses without custody or recovery mechanisms where nobody has the key.

As cryptocurrencies and blockchain use grows, key sharding will likely be used to decentralize risk and create a more trustless economy.