Watchfolio - Tracking Your Crypto on the Blockchain

With the Ethos Universal Wallet Watchfolio - you can easily track a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, monitor their performance and synchronize your coin holdings stored anywhere in a simple and easy to use interface.

While setting up your Watchfolio, you can enter your purchase price to determine your profits or losses on current market conditions based on your entry. The Watchfolio is customizable, easy to update and makes monitoring and managing multiple portfolios a breeze.

You can even create fantasy portfolios at the click of a button to see how different portfolio structures are actively performing. Outlined below is the form and the function of the Watchfolio.


We understand that you hold digital assets elsewhere. With WatchFolio, whether your assets are stored on an exchange or on a paper wallet in a vault, you have the tools to track them all in one place. It’s a portfolio tracker in your pocket.


Track, analyze and learn from an ever expanding library of coins. Sort the coin library by Market Cap, Price, Circulating Supply, and more! Add assets to your WatchFolio, create multiple WatchFolios, and personalize however you want.


Immerse yourself in a data-rich learning environment. Add assets to your WatchFolio and explore coin profiles that combine raw data, key facts, social intelligence – with technical analysis tools, community ratings and more.


Build a fantasy portfolio. Compete with friends. Learn together.


Built with you in mind, WatchFolio is the sleekest portfolio tracker on the market. View your cryptocurrency holdings in one place, track your profit/loss on each coin, view graphs and analytics, and learn more about other projects!

We hope that this guide is helpful to show you some of the details of Watchfolio and Tracking Your Crypto on the Blockchain.

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