Ethos x Voyager Uniting Forces Official FAQ

We’ve announced our planned deal with Voyager, with whom we will work to build  the premier end-to-end crypto broker and blockchain financial services platform. Here is a thorough FAQ to answer the community’s questions and shed light on the details of this exciting milestone.

This is a groundbreaking event, not just for Ethos and Voyager but also for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in general as it will create the world’s first publicly traded crypto broker and wallet service. As a combined company, we will have unparalleled blockchain, trading and financial expertise under one roof.

Our combined efforts and resources will help us better develop our tech, bridge our respective brands and applications and fuel the path of crypto mass adoption as we blaze trails toward building the New Economy.

And in the process, we have considered your most pressing questions, so here are the answers you may be seeking.

Ethos x Voyager Uniting Forces Official FAQ

What will happen with the Ethos Universal Wallet?

Ethos Universal Wallet development will continue with new updates, features and integrations. Both parties are excited about the future of the wallet in this new structure.

Will the Brand & Community still exist?

Yes, the brand and token will remain independent from the Voyager brand for the foreseeable future, and maintain the Ethos name and both brands will exist in parallel including our website, social channels and community. We want to make sure that both brands reflect the strategic relationship between the two parties and will continue to evaluate this over time.

What are the plans for the Ethos Token & Utility?

The Ethos Token will be used to provide users with access to utility within the entire platform and all products. Voyager stands behind the Ethos Token and is committed to building utility and loyalty within its growing user base, including integrating Ethos token utility in the Voyager App.  

We have exciting plans in development for the future of the Ethos Token, now strengthened and accelerated by this arrangement. This starts with Ethos Status in the Universal Wallet and cashback on trades based on token holdings, but we see additional utility opportunities in margin trading, collateral, withdrawal limits and payments. Token utility will become a key priority for the joint organization. For avoidance of doubt, stipulations of the contract terms make token utility a focus of the joint effort development pipeline.

How is the deal structured to bring value to the Ethos Token & Community?

The scope of the deal is complex, as it’s a dynamic value exchange of Voyager Shares, Ethos Tokens, IP & our unique team of talent. Both stock and tokens are subjected to lockup and vesting, ensuring that we support one another build our tech and bring value to our shareholders and token holders, respectively, in order to release the value exchanged. Voyager has a vested interest to bring value, utility and functionality to the Token.

How will the Ethos Universal Wallet work in conjunction with Voyager’s Trading App?

Both apps will exist independently, in addition to the technological growth on both applications with their own dedicated developer teams. Ethos will be working to enhance the wallet functionality of Voyager’s trading app, and integrate a variety of Voyager’s functionality into the Ethos App.

What will happen with Ethos Bedrock?

Ethos Bedrock will be used to create the first wave of blockchain financial and institutional services, and continue to be developed, improved and upgraded with the goal of creating the world’s best crypto brokerage solution.

With the new arrangement what are Ethos’s plans for 2019?

As previously mentioned, Ethos will continue to develop the Universal Wallet, but will also turn its attention towards a new institutional integration of Bedrock within Voyager’s global trade router and best execution platform. Ethos is excited to integrate this technology into Voyager’s retail and institutional offerings and power a next-generation brokerage service.

Will Ethos continue supporting new Tokens in the Universal Wallet?

Ethos will continue to support new tokens in the wallet starting with new ERC20s and Cardano.

Does this mean that Ethos is also Publicly Listed on the TSX Exchange?

Yes, the intellectual property assets of Ethos will fall under the Voyager entity, making Ethos the first publicly traded crypto wallet service and ecosystem to be publicly listed and traded. To be a shareholder in Voyager’s growing ecosystem, you can own Voyager stock under the ticker VYGR which are traded on the TSX.

How will Ethos x Voyager Work together?

The Ethos and Voyager teams will be working very closely to build what will become the premier destination for best-execution in crypto, from trading platform to leading multi-cryptocurrency wallet and commission-free Fiat Gateway.

Will Voyager work with institutions?

Yes, Voyager and Ethos will have both retail (consumer) and institutional (brokerage, trading) services, offering best price execution everywhere in the financial ecosystem, as a premiere crypto broker. Institutional offerings an essential part of our business and development plan.

What are the plans to build the Fiat Gateway?

Working together, Ethos and Voyager will be able to accelerate a commission-free best-execution fiat gateway that offers all of the most popular crypto assets as trading pairs against fiat currency.

Will Ethos integrate the Voyager Trade Router into the Universal Wallet?

We aim to integrate crypto brokerage services into the Universal Wallet and Bedrock. We are in the development phases and have not publicly released a timeline – stay tuned.

How will Ethos x Voyager work together to build a Custody Solution?

We plan to integrate leading custodial services with Bedrock to offer multiple ways to safekeep digital assets for both retail and institutional customers.

How do the Ethos and Voyager teams get along?

Incredibly well. The cultures of the two organizations are quite similar (often a problem with early stage mergers), and both companies have similar tools and development processes.  Most importantly, Shingo and Steve Ehrlich share similar visions for the future of crypto, and how Voyager and Ethos can be major players in the ecosystem.

What is the ultimate vision of this newly formed organization?

Ethos has been steadfast in its vision and commitment towards building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone. This started with building better tools that are more accessible to the everyday user and will continue with Voyager. Voyager’s “ethos” resonated with the mission of building this more accessible and fair financial ecosystem, both organizations felt that the sum would be greater than the parts.

Ethos and Voyager remain committed towards the philosophy of Ethos and the promise of blockchain technology. Ethos was founded upon the vision of creating a financial system that worked for everyone — an idea that deeply resonates with the Voyager mission and team. This will not be lost as we believe that the blockchain revolution has the potential to be a force for positive change at scale. This movement towards a future that includes everyone will only continue.

Will Voyager work to help onboard more enterprise customers onto Bedrock?

Voyager plans to build a robust institutional platform that will service enterprise customers looking for a broad variety of trading and blockchain services. Ethos Bedrock will be integrated directly into these offerings.

Why does the Voyager App not currently support the Ethos Token?

We are actively working to get Ethos supported on the Voyager app in the way that directly fits within Voyager’s best-execution model. This is of high importance to us, and we know it matters a lot to the community and is in development.

Will Voyager/Ethos be hosting an Community Q&A in the near future?  

Yes, we will be hosting a community Q&A with Voyager CEO, Steve Ehrlich, and Chief Innovation Officer, Shingo Lavine, to answer all of your burning questions and share more about the vision for the newly formed organization. Dates TBA.

Where can I learn more about Voyager?

The future is for everyone!