One wallet to rule them all.

Store all of your tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely on your mobile device.  Track assets you have stored somewhere else – such as on a hardware wallet or an exchange.  Ethos Universal Wallet gives you a complete view of your entire portfolio in one place, with rich analytics to show how you’re doing. And we're just getting started.

Stay safe & securewith Ethos Smart Keys.

No more managing multiple private keys and wallets. With Universal Wallet, you generate a single Ethos Smart Key for each wallet instance you create, and it takes care of the rest – providing automated maximum security management of all of your digital assets. You remain in complete control at all times. Lose your phone? Simply restore using your Ethos Smart Key.

The info you needright at your fingertips.

Integrated Coin Profiles keep you in the know – featuring key info, interactive charts, market trends and more. Plus you're tapped into the Ethos community, giving you access to ratings and reviews from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. In the future, we invest together.

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Patience pays off. The Ethos team is hard at work building the future of finance – and that starts with Ethos Universal Wallet. Pre-register today and find out first when the app is ready for wide release! Plus to say thanks for all the passion and support, we'll be rewarding our pre-registered community with some pretty awesome perks. What, you ask? Read on.

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Community Airdrop Program

New wallets are much better when they come with free coins! We've got a growing list of awesome partners who are lining up to airdrop tokens to the first Ethos Universal Wallet users to celebrate its release. You don't want to miss this. Get on the list today.*

Verified Wallet Address

Claim your name! With Ethos Universal Wallet, you can create a unique handle to make transactions and sharing super easy – just like a domain name or Twitter handle – and as part of Ethos Social. Pre-register and be first in line to claim your Verified Wallet Address.

Progress Updates & Exclusive News

Pre-registered community members will be part of a special newsletter between now and wide release, where we share special things, because you are all special to us. Progress updates, partner promotions, exclusive content. Sign up to stay in the know, and who knows what else!

Free Gold Membership

Pre-registered community members will get complimentary Gold Membership free for the first year, giving you access to priority Gold email and phone support in addition to online support resources and of course the Ethos community.

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Community Airdrop Partners

Stay tuned for announcements on participating partners!

Interested in getting your token included as part of our Community Airdrop initiative? Contact us.

*  The Ethos Airdrop Program is not an inducement in any way. Ethos does not receive directly or indirectly any compensation or proceeds from the airdrop program. Participation in the pre-registration program does not guarantee participation in the airdrop program. Individuals who do not participate in the pre-registration program may also participate in the airdrop program. Ethos has done an analysis of each token to identify potential risks, however, inclusion of a token as part of the airdrop program is not an endorsement of any specific token or project. Ethos does not operate as a broker/dealer, underwriter or securities issuer and receives no benefits whatsoever from any tokens participating in the program.