Universal Wallet Update 1.8 is Now LiveWelcoming 25+ New ERC20 Tokens

On the heels of update 1.7, that brought a major performance update to the Universal Wallet, we are releasing our latest Update 1.8. In this article, we highlight the major features, 25+ new ERC20 tokens and changes contained in this update, as well as give you an exciting sneak peek on what’s next.

Improved Navigation Menu & User Flow

With Update v1.8, we have revamped the left side navigation menu to make it easier for users to buy, swap or send crypto. This brings a more intuitive experience to access some of our most popular features in less steps, and with greater ease.

25+ New ERC20 Tokens Added to the Wallet

With our latest update, we welcome 25+ new ERC20 tokens into the Universal Wallet. Supported in both the SmartWallet and Watchfolio, users will be able to receive, send, store and learn about these tokens and exciting projects.

The full list of New ERC20 Tokens Includes:

We will be publishing an official article on the new tokens in the Universal Wallet, as well as making announcements with each respective community and project. All tokens listed are currently live and fully-transactable. 

In addition to the new tokens that are now supported in the Universal Wallet, we have added WatchFolio support for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), so you can track and add it to your portfolio.

We have also updated Substratum to support the token swap. The dev team is currently working on a permanent solution to support token swaps and contract updates seamlessly in the future, as we always build technology with replicable use cases when possible.

Support for Emerging Tokens

Additionally, 1.8 brings with it the ability for the Universal Wallet to support emerging tokens. We categorize emerging tokens as those which are new to crypto and in the process of building their infrastructure.

Emerging tokens are also tokens which are not actively listed on larger and/or more popular exchanges or market data aggregators, such as CryptoCompare or CoinMarketCap. This opens the possibility for Ethos to support assets that we previously could not, expanding our Crypto Universe.

What’s Next on the Horizon?

In Update 1.9, Cardano ADA will be officially live in the Universal Wallet. We are excited to be one of the first mobile wallet solutions to support Cardano, as we are very excited about the future of this project and to support the Cardano community.

Big Thanks to our Community!

With every major update, we advance forward toward the new economy. Let us know what features you would like to see us add by emailing us at [email protected].

The future is bright!