The Ethos Ambassador Program – A Call To Action!

Our Ethos Ambassador for Germany, Christoph Schlechter, shares his call to action with the global Ethos community.

At the Ethos Netherlands Meetup last weekend in Amersfoort, I was introduced as the German Ambassador for Ethos’ Ambassador Program. With this blog post, I would like to share my motivation with you and show you what my approach will be for the first steps of this program.

Ethos has come a long way. One year ago, it was just an amazing idea with a whitepaper and an ICO. Over the short time frame of a few months, Bitquence, as Ethos was called back then, had become my favorite crypto project. Not so much because I liked the vision and the fundamentals of the project, but because Shingo and Stephen were so passionate and approachable in the chat rooms, answering questions every day. Until then, I hadn’t seen this with any other crypto project. It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was the project I would want to get involved in.

Back in November, driven by the word ‘people-powered’, I asked myself what I could contribute to Ethos. That is when I had the idea of an Ambassador program that would promote Ethos, financial literacy, and self-sufficiency in general. Working with many people from all kinds of backgrounds as a musician and university teacher, my experience is that talking and discussing a subject like crypto eye to eye with someone, is so much more impactful and authentic than typing in chats or watching videos, especially when beer is involved. I pitched my idea to Stephen and he was all-ears from the beginning!

If you saw Kevin’s great speech at the Netherlands Meetup about social impact ( at 27:40), you will know that we have great plans for changing the society we live in today. We are building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone. But more importantly, we want to do our part in helping people free themselves from the firm grip of financial and social inequality! The Ethos Ambassador Program will play an important role in these efforts.

It is still in its early stages. We have been developing this program to serve crypto communities across the globe. Ethos will select Ambassadors to produce events that will spark meaningful conversations about Ethos and the New Economy within their communities.

Through this program, we aim to:

  • Educate people on crypto and blockchain
  • Foster crypto communities
  • Improve people’s financial literacy in these transformative, digital times.
  • Empower people who may believe they are unlikely crypto users to see that the future IS for everyone.

We have candidates already coming in from across the Caribbean, Europe and the USA.

Whether it’s a lunch-and-learn or after-work cocktail party featuring a product demo for 20

people, or a medium to large scale event featuring panel discussions and blockchain workshops, we’re interested in hearing everyone’s ideas. Be on the lookout for the launch of the application to become an ambassador for your region and spread the word!

How am I going to approach establishing the Ambassador Program in Germany? We should ask ourselves two questions: Why are so few people in crypto and what do they need to enter? The answers are very simple: Because they don’t know about it yet, and when they hear about it, they often don’t trust it. Right now, entering crypto is still unbearably complicated for most people. The Universal Wallet and its future additions, especially the Fiat Gateway, will take care of the latter. But education remains paramount in achieving mass adoption.

Therefore, my first goal for the next twelve months is to establish a network of local Ethos meetups in the major cities of Germany. These meetups should take place (bi-)monthly in a low-key atmosphere like a bar/restaurant, or in a university setting. The meetings will contain an introduction to Ethos and the ecosystem it is building, followed by a Q&A. There will be plenty of time for open discussions, networking and showing the wallet in action.

In short, it’s time to build trust and bring Ethos directly to the people! Let me know if you would like to help setting up this network in Germany. Just DM me on Telegram (@Christoph_Schlechter)! Other activities will involve participating and representing Ethos at blockchain conferences to network with other projects and strengthen awareness about Ethos within the industry. We will take the experiences from the German community as a testing field to see which other formats can be explored and how they can be applied to other countries.

I feel honored to be part of this amazing project and am proud to serve as the German Ambassador. Building a strong and supportive community is a key component to Ethos’ vision and success. As you can see from my example, it is quite easy to engage with the team and contribute your ideas to the overall vision. Get moving, apply to be your country’s Ethos Ambassador, and play your part in reshaping society!

Interested in learning more or exploring becoming an Ethos Ambassador? Email our Director of Community to let us know.