What is the Ethos token?

ETHOS is a necessary element — a fuel — for operating the Ethos and Bedrock ecosystem including verifying wallets, sources of funds, identity. support services and building financial applications of the future.

Ethos Ratecard

The ETHOS ratecard is designed to provide transparency and rate locks for participants in the Ethos ecosystem. Note that this ratecard is subject to change;  however any purchases to an existing ratecard service will not change.  Ecosystem particpants can lock in their rates via the ETHOS token, rewarding early adopters of the Ethos platform services including Wallet, Bedrock, Relay, Broadcast and Ethos Verified Source of Funds, Verified Wallet Domains and Verified Identities.

Individual Ethos Universal Wallet users have access to a multitude of free services offered within the Universal Wallet app. Individuals, businesses and developers seeking premium services can access rich data and automated wallet functionality through Ethos Bedrock APIs.

Note: These rates are for Bedrock API users, not for individual customers. Customers on Ethos products such as the Universal Wallet will have rate limited access. These limits should be irrelevant to the average user. The Bedrock APIs are built to allow the businesses, developers and institutions to build and scale the financial applications of tomorrow.

Bedrock API Access

The Ethos Bedrock API enables developers and businesses to build secure Blockchain applications on top of safe and secure standards and protocols such as Ethereum.  It is designed to be an architecture to both create a financial ecosystem for cryptocurrency, as well as bridge the traditional and blockchain ecosystems.

Ethos hosts full blockchain nodes, and enables developers to create wallets, query balances, verify sources of funds and identities, enable payments, and other useful transactions.

Full Node Single Queries

Query Type Amount
Query Balance by Address 0.00015 ETHOS
Query Address Type 0.00015 ETHOS
Query Transaction Data by Hash 0.00015 ETHOS
Query Coin Snapshot 0.00015 ETHOS
Query Coin History 0.00015 ETHOS
Query Coin Rating 0.00015 ETHOS
Query Coin Rating History 0.00015 ETHOS
Get Gas Price 0.00015 ETHOS
Get Estimated Gas Price 0.00015 ETHOS
Get Nonce 0.00015 ETHOS
Get UTXO 0.00015 ETHOS
Get Wallet 0.00015 ETHOS
Get Wallet Balance 0.00015 ETHOS

Wallet & SmartKey Queries

Query Type Amount
Create Smartkey 0.0001 ETHOS
Construct Transaction 0.00015 ETHOS
Broadcast Transaction 0.00015 ETHOS (plus mining fees)

Full Node Bulk Queries

Bulk Rate Amount
Per 10,000 Queries 1 ETHOS

Single Write Events

Query Type Amount
Create Virtual Wallet 0.00025 ETHOS
Rename Virtual Wallet 0.00025 ETHOS
Delete Virtual Wallet 0.00025 ETHOS
Add Virtual Wallet Holding 0.00025 ETHOS
Remove Virtual Wallet Holding 0.00025 ETHOS
Create Watch List 0.00025 ETHOS
Rename Watch List 0.00025 ETHOS
Delete Watch List 0.00025 ETHOS
Add Watch List Holding 0.00025 ETHOS
Remove Watch List Holding 0.00025 ETHOS
Create Full Wallet 0.00035 ETHOS
Rename Full Wallet 0.00035 ETHOS
Delete Full Wallet 0.00035 ETHOS
Add Full Wallet Holding 0.00035 ETHOS
Remove Full Wallet Holding 0.00035 ETHOS

Bulk Write Events

Bulk Rate Amount
Per 10,000 Virtual or Watch List Write Events 1.25 ETHOS
Per 10,000 Full Wallet Write Events 1.5 ETHOS

Verified Wallet Domain

A verified wallet address enables a registry to a public Blockchain Name Service (BNS) that creates and broadcasts a”branded” name and verified wallet.  This is useful for companies that want to reserve their brand on the blockchain, or users who want to use their names for simple payments.  Benefits include:

  • Not having to use long-form crypto addresses
  • “YourName” instead of 0x2756C7A0Fb62f016d0CCa49A26073c857c00C1B3
  • Verified Identity written into all Blockchain transactions
  • Reduced error and fraud rates
  • Prevention of blockchain cyber-squatting and branded blockchain identities.

Note that this is namespace reservation, not a full identity verification.

In order to preserve a Verified Wallet Address, the wallet must maintain a minimum balance of ETHOS.

Service Minimum Balance
Verified Wallet Address 10 ETHOS

Verified Source of Funds and Identities

Ethos Verification Services are designed to verify transactions and institutional and individual identities.  Verified Source of Funds (VSF) enable institutions to register and be classified as a safe source of cryptocurrency funds, and have fiat to crypto transactions be registered with VSF tag via the ERC721 standard.  For this to happen, an institution must be registered as a Ethos Verified Institution for KYC / AML purposes.  Blockchain addresses can also be verified, insuring there is a legitimate and verified identity behind the address.

The verification process includes:

  1. ACH Account Validation
  2. Customer Identification checks from Institutional Service Providers such as Equifax EID Service, Do-Not-Do-Business-With (DNDBW), Dow Jones, and other sources.
  3. Maintaining an graded Verified Source of Funds (VSF) list of institutions and attaching IDs into inbound transactions.

Each verified individual and institution receives 1 free Verified Wallet Address.

Service ETHOS Schedule
Verified Institution 100 5 Years
Verified Individual 10 5 Years

Wallet Registered Token

A Wallet Registered Token enables a token to list its data and identity within the Ethos Universal Wallet.  Note that this is not required for a ERC20 or similar compatible token to be securely stored within the Ethos Universal Wallet.  This will enable extra data to be viewed within the wallet, such as the token’s whitepaper, telegram channel, twitter feed, founder bios and website links.

Service ETHOS Schedule
Register Token 100 5 Years

Wallet Support

Ethos Universal Wallet is supported by Ethos Community members, who receive tokens in exchange for member support.  Supported services include wallet creation, secure SmartKey generation, app support, etc.  Note that the Ethos Universal Wallet is a decentralized wallet, meaning Ethos does not store or transmit user funds.  Never share your SmartKeys, passcodes or backup phrases with anyone, including Ethos Community Members and team support staff.

The free Ethos Universal Wallet currently includes Teal membership.  All Teal members get access to the global Ethos community, access to the Ethos online help library and basic email support.  Gold members receive all the benefits of Teal, plus priority Gold email and phone support.

Service ETHOS Schedule
Teal Support 0 Annual
Gold Support 5 Annual

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