Pay with Crypto - Building a Merchant Payment Solution with Payroc

Today, we highlight the progress we have made towards providing Payroc, a leading merchant services and payment processing company, with a direct consumer-to-merchant crypto payments solution using the Ethos Universal Wallet.

Hey Ethos Community,

Soon, merchants will be able to place a simple “Pay with Crypto” button on their websites to expand their payment options beyond traditional forms, allowing them to begin accepting payment in common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethos and more!

We’ve been building out the users flows and systems to complete this payment processing, all powered by Ethos Bedrock.

Let’s take a look at the entire sequence, from a merchant setting up a Pay with Crypto button to a consumer purchasing a product.

Crypto Payments Made Simple

Merchant Setup: Creating a Pay with Crypto Button

In the image sequence below, you can see how a merchant can generate a pay with crypto button, and what it looks like once embedded on their website.

Once the merchant creates their “Pay with Crypto” button, they will receive the code snippet to place on their website in an email sent directly to their inbox.

Consumer Pay with Crypto Flow

Once the merchant has added the pay with crypto button on their website, they are now ready to accept payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with the same ease as accepting payments via PayPal or credit card.

Here is how simple it is for the consumer to pay with crypto to complete their purchase.

The Pay with Crypto Steps:
  1. Click the “Pay with Crypto Button” at merchant cart checkout.
  2. Scan the QR.
  3. Select your wallet, crypto asset & transaction speed.
  4. Send after verifying with Biometrics & Pin.
  5. Done!

Crypto Payments & Merchant Solutions, a Major Leap Toward Mass Adoption

We believe that granting merchants the ability to accept payments in crypto, with the same ease as accepting payments through traditional methods, accelerates the utilization of cryptocurrencies and expands the mass adoption of these assets in the real world.

We see a world where crypto payments are accepted at major retailers and small businesses alike, from major cryptocurrencies to stable coins.

Easing the Transition into the New Economy

“We’re excited about partnering with Ethos as it brings together the traditional payments world Payroc operates in with new digital currencies,” said Jared Poulson, chief integrations officer for Payroc.

“Our merchants will be able to accept payments via traditional credit cards, ACH, PayPal and now popular cryptocurrencies,” added Poulson. “We have been tracking Ethos for quite some time. Their commitment and vision of bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the mass market aligns with Payroc’s culture of innovation, trust and stability.”

The Universal Wallet provides consumers with an easy to use crypto wallet to safely store, send and receive 140+ cryptoassets. With an intuitive app design and built in QR-scanner, crypto-novices and experts alike can soon begin utilizing crypto assets in their day to day life.

The New Economy is upon us. Are you ready?