Digital Wallet Ethos Multi Coin Wallet

Universal Multi Crypto Wallet Development Milestone and Release Update

Hey Ethos Fam!

Thank you very much for all of your patience and support over the last few months. We have all been working extremely hard to get the Universal Multi Crypto Wallet as high quality as we possibly can. As many in the product council can attest, the wallet has come a long way from the initial genesis build to now.

We are approaching our final milestone involving Load Testing and Mainnet Transactions, which will mark the last phase of testing before public release. We will be releasing our first mainnet build to the product council for testing. However, before taking this step, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our early access test group to over 2000 people who will be chosen from our pre-registration lists.

These invitations will be sent out to selected members of the pre-registration list, so please keep an eye out for these emails in your inboxes! You will also be required to be verified as an Ethos community member which involves providing identification, NDA and proving ownership of any number of tokens. Every member of the product council has gone through this procedure. Note that this requirement will not be in place for general use of the wallet, but will become a standard procedure for Ethos early product releases where token ownership grants holders potential early access to Ethos releases and products.

We are also excited to announce that we will be deploying the app to Testflight in order to accomodate more iPhone users for the final round of testing. That means that we can now include iPhone users in the beta testing program and can now select both iPhone and Android users off of the preregistration list.

As we begin the country-by-country rollout, we will be introducing a voting system to allow the community to decide which country will be released next! If you want your country to win, make sure to get everyone you know to vote! We will do this in batches by country size so more heavily populated countries do not automatically move higher in the list.

Note that Airdrops and domain registration will happen after the global rollout is complete. This is to ensure the airdrop and domain distribution programs are fair for everyone. We will be announcing more information regarding domain registration and airdrops nearing the end of the global rollout.

This means that if you are a project looking to join the airdrop program, it’s not too late! Just contact us at [email protected] to apply! Join the movement and introduce your coin to the Ethos community.

In summary, we are announcing the following:

  1. Ethos is entering the final stage of testing which is mainnet transactions and app load testing
  2. We are expanding the product council by 1000% to over 2000 members by selecting members of the pre-registration list, so check your emails!
  3. We are migrating app to an iPhone testing environment that will prepare us for Apple approval and allow more iPhone users into the product council
  4. We will have a voting event for the country by country release to let the community decide the release schedule

Thank you for all of your support, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel!