Ledger Providing Foundation for Voyager Liquidity Network Powered by Bedrock

The inside scoop on our breaking news about a business relationship with Ledger, one of the most successful leaders in crypto hardware solutions, to work together to provide an extremely secure custody solution for Voyager's brokerage service, powered by Ethos Bedrock

We’ve just announced a major new business relationship with Ledger, one of the most successful leaders in crypto hardware solutions. Under this relationship, the companies will work together to provide an extremely secure source for customer’s crypto assets stored with Voyager’s brokerage service.

Ethos and Voyager believe that there will be customers that want both a hosted custody solution – meaning funds are held by the company on the customer’s behalf – and a self-custody solution – meaning only the customer holds the keys for the funds and can initiate transactions.

We believe that both needs are important to properly fulfill. This also gives customers the ability to seamlessly access their funds at all times. Customers with funds held in custody can have peace of mind knowing that one of the most secure and reputable brands in the crypto space’s hardware security technology is being used to secure their funds on Voyager.

Very few organizations in the crypto space are attempting to build a comprehensive liquidity network spanning multiple global exchanges like Voyager. Improving the execution experience in the crypto space is a difficult task given how fragmented and disjointed individual crypto exchanges are from one another.

The Voyager router solves this problem by finding best execution by searching all available global exchanges when orders come in.  This router, combined with the Ledger Vault and Ethos Bedrock technology, Voyager has secured all the technical components in order to power end-to-end crypto services for this global liquidity network.

Work is already underway on the first step, which is to integrate Bedrock and Ledger Vault together.  The first application will be to make it easy for customers to safely and securely deposit crypto assets into their Voyager brokerage account for trading.  This can be from their Ethos Universal Wallet, existing ledger hardware such as the Nano S, or any other crypto currency wallet that can transfer crypto assets.  Each customer will receive a dedicated address that will let them deposit funds right into the super-secure ledger hardware vault.

If Ethos Bedrock is building the bridges and Voyager is routing the traffic over those bridges, Ledger is the bridge foundation, providing security and peace of mind to all of the commuters (funds) that are crossing. With funds constantly being routed between different venues and liquidity providers, Ledger provides unparalleled security and flexibility to enable Voyager’s Hardware Secured Blockchain Treasury system. This solution is cross-chain, cross-platform and cross-exchanges and is immensely secure, building on years of Ledgers experience and technology. This solution will be optimized to power both Voyager’s retail trading business and institutional crypto offerings.

Bedrock will be providing the piping that connects all of these distributed systems together by forwarding funds, automating treasury management, tracking customer deposits and eventually enabling seamless connectivity between user’s Ledger-secured custody funds and their personal key secured self-custody funds. Bedrock has robust technology for these services that was battle-tested in the Ethos Universal Wallet, including address tracking, system alerts and paging, and keeping the treasury management team up to date on customer balances and obligations.

Much of the magic behind Voyager’s fiat gateway is treasury management. Whenever a customer places an order, Voyager’s Smart Order Router finds the best way to execute the order across multiple exchanges taking into account price, liquidity and fees. This comes with the expectation that customer funds are always held securely while orders are being executed which is why it is important that the company invests in security to protect against potential vulnerabilities on exchanges  This preemptive security mindset is core to the philosophy of how the company will build trust with consumers as the liquidity network and fiat gateway grow.

Voyager’s Hardware Secured Blockchain Treasury System is the first of its kind built upon the technology of Bedrock and Ledger Vault. This approach will give the company a unique competitive edge which will be felt by consumers through a seamless crypto trading experience.

If you have more questions, feel free to join us in telegram at t.me/ethos_io or t.me/investvoyager to discuss the ledger partnership in more detail.

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Shingo Lavine

Founder, Ethos.io

Chief Innovation Officer, Voyager Digital

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