Latest Universal Wallet Update Released 1.2.6

Today we have released the latest update to the Universal Wallet – release 1.2.6. For our Android Users, you can now go ahead and update your Universal Wallet. Once you update your wallet, you can log back into your account and be live in the latest version.

For our iOS users, the update has been submitted to the Apple iOS App Store, and will likely take about 7-days to be published and listed, and for you to have access to download the latest version.

If you don’t have the Universal Wallet yet, click here to download yours!

In this article we highlight some of the new coin integrations and performance improvements made to our flagship app.

Dash & Litecoin Now Available in Universal Wallet

It’s official, upon updating your Universal Wallet app in the iOS (Coming Soon) or Android (Now Available) app store, all of our active and new users will immediately have the ability to store, track, send and receive Dash and Litecoin.

We know these two coins have been in high-demand from our community, so we greatly appreciate your patience as we completed our rigorous testing and integration process. Dash & LTC are now fully transactable!

aXpire Update – AXP to AXPR

The ticker for aXpire has been updated from AXP to AXPR, and we now support the latest version of the aXpire Token in the Universal Wallet.

Performance Enhancements

Ethos is on the relentless pursuit to make the Universal Wallet the buttery smoothest and snappiest crypto wallet in the World, with dynamic features and functionalities to enhance the user experience of interacting with crypto.

In this update, we shipped a multitude of performance enhancements. We will be continuing to deploy performance enhancements with every developer sprint. Our beta-testers in product council shared a remarkable improvement in performance, and of course this is just the beginning!

Variety of Bug Fixes

Developer sprints happen every couple weeks, and during this one our developers have squashed 50+ bugs and made improvements to the user experience. None of these bugs were critical nor did they in any way affect the security of the Universal Wallet.

The majority of bugs fixes came with offering users proper notification and a smoother user flow when performing transactions or dealing with errors if transactions don’t get submitted to the blockchain properly, including tracking the full detail of transaction history.

Transactions Made Simpler

We have been honing our design and listening to the community about UI/UX simplification. So we have reduced the number of clicks needed to view the Send or Receive screens by 60%, moving from 5 clicks to just 2.

Sending and Receiving crypto has truly never been so easy. Send some transactions to and from the Universal Wallet and let us know what you think.

A Note on Apple & iOS Release

On average it takes approximately 7-days from the time of publishing the update for Apple to review and approve the update and for it to be sent to all of our users. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to expedite the process, so it’s a matter of time and we appreciate everyone’s patience. We will make the formal announcement across all of our channels when the iOS update is available.


This update and the future updates to come highlight a critical step in our journey to delivering a powerful application that is directly informed by our community, a truly people-powered platform, which we are aggressively improving with our talented team.

As we continue to improve our coin integration process, we will be expediting our integration of more coins into the Universal Wallet and directly asking for community feedback on which tokens you would like to see integrated into the wallet most.

We invite all of our active users to update their Universal Wallet to get access to our latest coin integrations and feature enhancements. If you are new to Ethos or the Universal Wallet, click here to download yours.

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