Our mission at Ethos requires us to not only build great products, but to empower our community with knowledge and resources so they can be informed participants in the New Economy. Check out the videos and articles below to learn all about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


What Is Bitcoin?
What Is Ethereum?
What Is Ethereum Gas?
What are Smart Contracts?
What are Private Keys and Addresses?
What Are Miners?
What are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?
What is Self Custody?
What is Key Sharding?
What are Verified Sources of Funds?
What is Ethos Bedrock?
What are ASIC Miners?
What are Verified Wallet Domains?
What is Proof of Work?


Ethos Smart Keys: How Cryptocurrency Enables Consumers to Protect and Own Their Money

The Ethos Smart Key is a unique digital signature that is used to verify the authenticity of…

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Just How Secure is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is best known for both its security and immutability. This piece explores…

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Dear Mom, This is Cryptocurrency

In recent months, I have started to feel like a crypto missionary of sorts. Riding my altcoins into…

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Ethos’ Alphabetical Guide to Cryptocurrency Definitions and Metrics

Welcome to Ethos’ Alphabetical Guide to Cryptocurrency Definitions and Metrics. We know, there are…

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A Crypto Wild West – The Good, the Bad and the Fudly

It can get wild out there. Take a walk through the New Frontier in this fun and informative piece…

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So what is Bitcoin anyway?

Maybe you’re already familiar with Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. If not, this is…

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Ethereum & Ethos: A Tale of Two Cryptocurrencies

Check out this piece from Founder and CEO Shingo Lavine over on our Medium page about the…

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A Metaphor for Functional Tokens

Imagine there is a bridge that connects two cities, Atlantis and Bedford, which we will refer to as…

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