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Coming this summer

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More than just a DeFi wallet. Ethos Self Custody Vault- Your Web3 Gateway.

Why Choose Ethos?

  • 100% Self-Custodial – Ethos finally makes maintaining complete control of your own funds secure and easy.
  • Unparalleled Security – Ethos Vaults provide 7-dimensional crypto security while saying goodbye to private keys and seed phrases.
  • Magic Keys – The easiest most secure crypto key solution on the market. Make 24-word seed phrases and key anxiety a thing of the past. Just remember three magic words to get your keys back.
  • Live Markets – Crypto never sleeps, and neither does the Ethos Live Markets engine. Use the app to stream live prices across dozens of Defi exchanges and protocols. 
  • Earn Rewards – Self-custody has never been so rewarding. With the Ethos loyalty program, you can earn crypto rewards and level up to higher membership tiers.
  • Self-Custody Yield – Take control of your own future with Self-Custody Yield. Easily create your own DeFi liquidity strategy, or use others with a single tap. 
  • Social Recovery – Inspired by a thesis from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Social Guardians let friends and family prevent an unauthorized key recovery. One of many security layers that set Ethos apart.

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