Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

It’s Official! Ethos Universal Wallet Now Available in the USA!

In true Independence Day fashion, Ethos has released a new wave of financial freedom in the U.S. by way of the Universal Wallet! What better way to celebrate independence?

With the Universal Wallet, Americans can now store tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely on their Android device – all while retaining self-custody of tokens and your private key. Apple iOS coming soon.

We invite USA residents to download the App, create your first SmartWallet and start using the app today. Learn more about the Universal Wallet and download it here  >>> click here.

If you love the app, give us a 5-star rating in the Google App-Store! With your help – we can become a trending app in the finance category. We so appreciate your support!

Easily keep track of coins and assets stored anywhere in this clean and simple interface. From blockchain beginners to crypto experts, this hot wallet smooths out the complexities of crypto for all everyone. We believe that in order to spur the mass adoption of crypto, it has to be easy, safe and fun to use – and the Universal Wallet solves this for the greater good.

Features Include:

  • Master encryption for all your private keys
  • Access to market data so you can make informed investment decisions
  • State-of-the-art portfolio tracker and extremely user-friendly design even your aunties and uncles can navigate
  • A seamless user experience that makes crypto fun
  • Access to an active community of enthusiasts and experts that makes it easier than ever to learn about and invest in digital assets



Declare independence and download the Universal Wallet on Android today! Apple iOS coming soon!