How To Get your Ethos Airdrop as a Celsius Holder and CEL creditor


Please note: This is only for people with assets stuck on Celsius. If you are looking for the Voyager recovery airdrop, click here. Use the same Email as you used on Celsius throughout this process. All Celsius claim holders will receive a 1000 ETHOS token allocation upon successful verification of  a valid claim. ETHOS allocation will decrease over time until the programs end on December 31st, 2023. See this blog post for more details.


Who is eligible for the Celsius Recovery Airdrop?

The Celsius Recovery Airdrop is available for people with assets currently stuck on Celsius. If you have assets stuck on Voyager, there is a different process available here. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to register to receive ETHOS tokens. You will need your Celsius Network LLC Scheduled Claim Request email as well you will need to use the same email as you used for Celsius. This is for verification purposes to sync with the proof of claim email and to prevent duplicate applications. As well your email will be your “proof of assets” in regards to the Ethos ecosystem which will be launching in a few months. If you need help on the application please check out this YouTube video, or head over to the discord and use our support section for help.

Step 1:

First, if you are someone who is a Celsius creditor head over to this google sign up form here: Click here (or use this link here: and fill out the information. We will be requiring an email sign up for both verification purposes with your Celsius Scheduled Claim Request email but as well to reward your ETHOS tokens to your account when we launch the app.

Step 2:

Once you filled out the google form above you should have a confirmation page. Make sure to save the email mentioned, also displayed here: Now find your Celsius Network LLC Scheduled Claim Request email. Log into the email you used for Celsius and search for “Celsius Network LLC Scheduled Claim Request”. Or, if you lost or need the email again, go to and go to Step 2 and enter your email to receive the email again. The email should look similar to what is shown below, but with your assets listed.

Step 3:

Once you have your Celsius Network LLC Scheduled Claim Request email, go to that email in your email provider. Find the “Forward” option and then forward that email to the email “” and DO NOT type anything into the message, only forward the email with nothing else. If you modify the contents of the email, the parsing and/or verification may fail.




Step 4: You’re done!

After you do those 3 steps above you should receive an email from Ethos confirming your Ethos allocation. If you did not receive this email give it a few minutes, then look for any error emails. If you are running into issues and not seeing your Ethos Airdrop verification email try redoing the process step by step above. If you are running into issues after redoing the process please watch our How To Claim the Ethos Airdrop YouTube video or reach out at our Discord or Telegram for additional support.


Frequently Asked Airdrop Questions:


When will I receive my Ethos Tokens?

We will be launching Ethos in the coming months and launching some early betas early next year. Once our app is fully launched we will be adding your Ethos tokens via the Ethos app when it launches upon launch. If you want to get early access to it make sure to sign up for the waitlist.

What if I lost my email I used for Celsius or cannot access it?

If you cannot access the same email as your Celsius account you unfortunately cannot participate in the air drop. If you lost the email from Stretto and Celsius then you can go to the Stretto File A Claim Website link and then proceed to Step 2 which is the “Review Your Claim Amount”. Enter in your email there to receive a new proof of claim email. You will receive an email titled “Celsius Network LLC Scheduled Claim Request”. This is the email you will use to forward for the Ethos Recovery Airdrop. You need to have access to your Celsius email to verify the legitimacy of your claim and receive the Ethos tokens.

How is the Ethos Airdrop Calculated?

Celsius account holders get 1000 ETHOS regardless of claim amount. Voyager account holders receive the following: Every .38 ETHOS for every $1 in Voyager as a creditor. Then for VGX holders everyone 1 VGX token held is equal to 2 Ethos tokens.

ETHOS allocations will decrease over time until the programs end on December 31, 2023. See this blog post for more details.

Can I earn more Ethos?

We will be having many opportunities for the community to earn more Ethos tokens separately from the recovery air drop. Make sure you’re staying up to date by regularly visiting the website or following our socials such as our TwitterDiscordFacebook or joining the Telegram to stay up to date on all the chances to earn Ethos. You can also get additional tokens for signing up for the waitlist, as well as using the referral program where both you and and person you referred both will receive Ethos tokens.

ETHOS allocations will decrease over time until the programs end on December 31, 2023. See this blog post for more details.

ProgramReward AmountRequirements
VGX Recovery Airdrop2 ETHOS tokens for every 1 VGX token heldFill out our Airdrop form and hold crypto on Voyager. Assets off of Voyager will be announced soon.
Voyager Creditor Recovery Program.38 ETHOS for every $1 in Voyager as a creditorFill out our Airdrop form and hold crypto on voyager.
Ethos Token CompetitionsVariable AmountsWinning future Competitions announced on our socials.
Ethos App Waitlist10 ETHOSSign up for the waitlist notified about the Ethos App when it launches.
Ethos App Waitlist Referral100 ETHOSRefer another creditor to the airdrop and waitlist. No maximums.
Referral Leaderboard Top 105000 ETHOSFor being Top 10 in the referrals at the end of the referral program.
Referral Leaderboard Top 1000450 ETHOSFor being Top 1000 in referrals at the end of the referral program.

What if I don’t forward my email?

If you do not forward your email from Stretto with your Celsius creditor assets (Celsius Network LLC Scheduled Claim Request Email) you will not be eligible for the Ethos Recovery Airdrop. If you need additional help look towards our “How To” guide or our YouTube video or at our discord.

How do I know I registered for the airdrop?

You should receive an email confirming your submission to the Ethos Recovery airdrop from us after forwarding the email to us. On the rare chance you had issues with the airdrop please reach out for our discord for support.

What if my account is not being processed correctly when forwarding? Or what if I don’t receive my confirmation emails?

First try the process again or use our How To Video as a reference. Some of the common errors and solutions are listed below.

• Incorrect email: Please use same address used for Celsius account
• Incorrect Stretto email: Be sure to forward correct claims email
• Extra data: Do not send attachments or text when forwarding email.
• Edited data: Your email was modified prior to being forwarded
• Data mismatch: Your data does not match your creditor claim

If you are still having issues, try requesting a new email from stretto and forwarding that one here: Also try forwarding the email from another email client. Some users are reporting issues with certain iPhone email clients.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, reach out to our discord support section and open a ticket. We will gladly do this, but due to the high volume of airdrop signees please allow us ample time to respond.

Is anyone excluded from receiving this airdrop?

Ethos reserves the right to determine eligibility in its sole judgement and discretion.

What information is Ethos collecting?

Ethos collects the following information: Email, Name, Assets.
We are using the email registered as a proof of account, which means you should be signing up with Ethos with the same email you used for Celsius when the Ethos App launches early next year. We will also be emailing for other opportunities to earn Ethos throughout our launch process.

We are not collecting your physical address or any sensitive personal information. We are only collecting your name, email, and assets to process and verify your ETHOS allocation.

Thank you for your interest in the Ethos recovery airdrop. We look forward to providing you with more updates soon.

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