Ethos x Voyager Token Utility AMA Write-Up

Introducing New Token Utility Models & Exciting Announcements

In our recent broadcast, we announced Voyager will list the Ethos Token in July, Crypto Deposits/Withdrawals Powered by Bedrock, and Ethos Token Utility Models across our all-in-one ecosystem. This is a summary of the broadcast and links to the recording, presentation deck, and more...

The Big Announcements 

The stream was jam packed full of exciting announcements, too many to summarize here, so make sure to watch the full-recording below. But to highlight a few!

The Ethos Token will be Listed on Voyager in July ’19

Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals coming to Voyager in July – Powered by Ethos Bedrock

Introducing Live Trading on Voyager Powered by Universal Vault & Ethos Bedrock

New Token Utility Model #1: Live Trading Fees

New Token Utility Model#2: Instant Transactions via Live Trading

New Token Utility Model #3: Reduced Crypto Withdrawal Fees and Future Fees

Voyager will Launch on Android in Q4 2019

And many more announcements & exciting updates…

Make sure to watch the livestream and read through the full presentation to get fully caught up on the new developments we’ve been making as an organization in combining our team, talent & tech!

Livestream Recording on YouTube

Whether you missed the livestream AMA or were only able to join us for a part of the broadcast, here is the full recording of the livestream for your viewing and learning pleasure!

Livestream Presentation Slides

Want to review the presentation slides at your leisure or review everything we shared in more depth? Here is the full presentation deck we used during the livestream – complete with the exciting announcements we debuted.

Followup AMA in Ethos Telegram Next Tuesday

In preparing for this livestream, we received over 100-questions from our community, and couldn’t get to everything in one-stream. So to keep the conversation going, next week we will do an AMA in our telegram channel, to go even deeper on our announcements, as well as clarify some more of the community’s burning questions.

When: July 16th at 12pm PDT // 3pm EST 

Where: AMA in the Ethos Telegram Channel

Want to get your question personally answered by Shingo Lavine or Steve Capone? 

Join the Ethos Telegram and ask your question using #AMA:

The Future is for Everyone

This stream marked a major milestone for our shared organization of Ethos & Voyager. It also is the beginning of a new chapter for our products, ecosystem, and token. 

Stay on the lookout for more exciting announcements on the horizon in the coming weeks and months!

And a Big Thanks to our Community!

The future is bright!


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