Ethos Universal Wallet Terms of Service

Ethos Universal Wallet

Terms of Service

Version 022618

  1. Parties

This agreement is between you (“you” or “your” in this agreement) and PTE. (“Ethos”).

  1. Service Offered

Ethos has created a software program that enables users to access, and transfer virtual currencies, tokens, and cryptocurrencies (collectively, “Digital Asset(s)”) under the name “Ethos Universal Wallet” (“Ethos Software”). This license agreement permits You to use the Ethos Software subject to certain conditions, rights and obligations.

You should only use the Ethos Software if you are familiar with Digital Assets, which involve technical precision and the responsibility to secure and archive your own private keys.

Ethos recommends you thoroughly educate yourself about any Digital Asset you plan on using with the the Ethos Software before running the Ethos Software.

The Ethos Software is licensed to you without charge.

  1. You Own Your Private Keys

Ethos does not store any private keys, backup phrases or passwords.  (collectively, “Private Key Data”). Private Key Data is stored locally on your mobile device, and also can be written down by you during the signup process.  You should do this process away from any cameras or windows, and are 100% responsible for securing your own Private Key.  It is very important that You backup Your Private Key Data. If you lose Your Private Key Data then it will not be possible for Ethos to recover it for you and you may permanently lose access to Your Digital Assets.

If you do not understand the above paragraph then Ethos recommends that you learn more about Digital Assets before using the Ethos Software.

  1. User Obligations

You shall:
a) be of age of majority in your local jurisdiction and in any case at least 18 years of age; and,
b) be responsible for Your own Digital Assets including which assets to store with your Private Key; and,
c) backup/write down Your “backup phrase” and keep it private, safe and well-secured; and,
d) carefully guard Your private keys; and,
e) carefully review the list of supported Digital Assets before engaging in any transactions; and,
f) ensure that Your device(s) are fully updated and do not contain viruses, malware or otherwise malicious software; and,
g) ensure that Your use of the Ethos Software complies with local laws.

You shall not:
a) deposit Digital Assets into addresses for Digital Assets that are not supported by the Ethos Software; or,
b) use the Ethos Software in a manner likely to interfere with other Ethos Software users or servers (e.g. excessive API calls or network spam); or,
c) use the Ethos Software in a manner contrary to any local laws.

  1. No Control Over Blockchains

The “blockchain” refers to public ledgers maintain by blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.  Ethos does not directly control these blockchains, or attest or warrant the integrity of the underlying data or transactions.

  1. Third Party Integrations

The Ethos Software may integrate with third party services.  Ethos shall not be responsible for any consequences resulting from your use of third party integrated services. If you require assistance with a third-party integration then you should contact that third party.

  1. Transactions

The only authentic record of Digital Assets transactions is the applicable blockchain.  Ethos may keep transaction logs, but shall point to and rely on the record maintained by the underlying blockchains.

The Ethos Software has functionality that allows you to send instructions to transfer Digital Assets from one address on the blockchain to another.  Ethos does not guarantee that transactions you perform using the Ethos Software shall be stored in any blockchain.

You are responsible for ensuring your transactions conform to applicable rules of the software for the Digital Asset.  Any errors in specifying the receiving address are your responsibility.  You should carefully check any receiving address, including errors caused by auto-correct, mis-typing, auto-fill or any other method.

Blockchain transactions by their nature are “one way” and irreversible, including erroneous transactions.  You should exercise extreme care and caution before engaging in any transactions.

You are responsible for ensuring your transactions conform to the applicable programmatic rules of any blockchain and Digital Asset, such as Ethereum Smart Contracts.

There may be transaction fees such as mining fees associated with Digital Asset transactions that are required by the software. Ethos shall not be responsible for any losses you incur due to transaction fees or losses that occur due to incorrectly set transaction fees (i.e. too low or high).

  1. Limited Intellectual Property License

Ethos licenses the Ethos Software to you on a personal, non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-transferable, worldwide-basis, for the purpose of holding and transferring Digital Assets.

You are not permitted to re-distribute the Ethos Software, modify any code or use any Ethos Software content, including images and text, as part of any other software or project of any kind. You must obtain Ethos’s written permission before acting contrary to copyright law or the terms of this clause.

  1. Third Party Libraries

The Ethos Software contains libraries developed by third parties. Ethos may provide third party libraries to you as part of the Ethos Software solution but shall not be considered to be the owner or licensor of the third party libraries. Please refer to and respect the relevant third-party licenses.

  1. Submitted Feedback & Ideas

If You choose to provide feedback on the features or functions of the Ethos Software (“Submitted Feedback”) then you shall be deemed to have given permission to Ethos to incorporate your Submitted Feedback into the Ethos Software. Ethos shall be free to make use of your Submitted Feedback without royalty or obligation of any kind.

  1. Specifically Disclaimed Risks

Using Digital Asset-related software necessarily entails many risks. Ethos specifically disclaims and shall have no liability to You for the following risks:

  1. a) operating system failures (mobile or desktop); and,
  2. b) interactions between your hardware, software and the Ethos Software; and,
  3. c) cloud backup software (e.g. certain Android distributions) may upload your private files/information to third party services; and,
  4. d) malware, viruses or other malicious software on your device that is able to take control of or interfere with the Ethos Software; and,
  5. e) communication delays between your Ethos Software and a node or relay service for a Digital Asset (and vice versa); and,
  6. f) failure to achieve a certain market value/price for a Digital Asset, whether through a third-party service or any other kind of transaction (i.e. due to delays); and,
  7. g) theft of Digital Assets.
  8. No Warranty

The Ethos Software is provided to You at no cost, “as-is” and without any warranty whatsoever, to the maximum extent permissible by law. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Ethos does not warrant that the Ethos Software is fit for your purpose, even if you have previously provided notice of your intended purpose and does not warrant that the Ethos Software will operate in a bug-free manner.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Ethos’s liability to you shall not, under any circumstance exceed $50 Singapore dollars.

Notwithstanding any term of this agreement, Ethos shall not be liable for any losses or damages that result from providing free technical support to you.

  1. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify Ethos against any claims, damages, losses or legal fees incurred due to your use (or misuse) of the Ethos Software.

  1. Non-Waiver

No action or inaction of Ethos shall be considered a waiver of any right or obligation by Ethos.

  1. Amendment

This agreement may be amended by Ethos by providing you with 30 days notice of any proposed change. If You do not agree to the amended terms then your sole remedy shall be to cease using the Ethos Software.

  1. Assignment

You may not assign this agreement. Ethos may assign this agreement upon 15 days notice.

  1. Governing Law and Choice of Forum

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Singapore. Any disputes related to this agreement or the Ethos Software shall be heard in the courts of Singapore.

  1. Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any other agreement, representations (or misrepresentations), or understanding, however communicated.