Ethos Universal Wallet App Launches in Australia

Ethos Universal Wallet App Now Available in Australia!

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback, Australians can now access our mobile-first, hot wallet app on Android devices. We’re excited to expand our community in the land down under!

The Simple and Secure Way to Crypto

Once you download the Universal Wallet App, you won’t have to worry about managing multiple private keys and wallets. With Universal Wallet, you generate a single Ethos SmartKey for each wallet instance you create. The wallet takes care of the rest, providing automated maximum security management of all of your digital assets. You remain in complete control at all times. Lose your phone? Simply restore using your Ethos SmartKey.

Learn more about the Universal Wallet app here.

If you call Australia home, visit the Android app-store on your mobile device, search for the Ethos Universal Wallet, download and install the app and set-up your account to get started! Apple iOS coming soon!

To our new Ethos fam in Australia, welcome! Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram. We’d love to hear from you!

We’d like to send a special salute to Cryptocurrency Australia Media for their early review of the Universal Wallet. Back in April, Beau shared details about the wallet in this SWOT Analysis: