Ethos Universal Crypto Wallet Netherlands Release

The Ethos Universal Wallet is Now Available in the Netherlands

It’s our great pleasure to announce that the Ethos Universal Wallet has been released in the Netherlands!

If the Netherlands is your country of origin, visit the Android app-store on your mobile device, search for the Ethos Universal Wallet, download and install the app and set-up your account to get started! Apple iOS coming soon.

With the help of our diligent Beta-testers and countless hours of our product team processing their feedback, we have an app we’re truly proud to share with the world – starting in the beautiful land of tulip fields.

Once you download the Universal Wallet on your Android, you can...

  • Create a unique 256-bit SmartKey which is never transmitted over the internet that allows individuals to safekeep their own digital assets across multiple chains and coins.
  • Store and track hundreds of cryptocurrencies, providing a full view of your portfolio – with tokens you have stored in your SmartWallet and elsewhere.
  • View robust market data, responsive charts, track all of your coins and their profiles in our watchfolio.
  • Send and receive crypto simply and safely.

* Apple iOS coming soon

“With the release of the wallet, Ethos has completed the first phase of development to provide an enterprise-grade universal wallet for a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone.”- Ethos CEO Shingo Lavine

To commemorate the release of the Universal Wallet in the Netherlands, Ethos will host a special event in Amersfoort later in July. Details will be announced very soon.

Until then, to all our new Universal Wallet users today, Welkom Vrienden! ??