Ethos announces upcoming Genesis release of Universal Coin Wallet for final testing

Ethos Universal Coin Wallet

It begins. We’ve all been waiting patiently (and working feverishly!) for the Ethos Universal Wallet to see the light of day. That time is fast approaching. But like most things, we’re doing things our own way. Universal Wallet is an incredibly ambitious project – and ensuring everything is rock solid and secure is our highest priority. So, this is how it’s going to work.

First of all, we want to express our deep gratitude to the entire global Ethos family for your support, encouragement and energy. It has fuelled our growth and been an incredible source of inspiration and energy for our entire team! So, thank you all. You have and will continue to play a role in unlocking the future of finance, and we’re honoured to be serving you. It’s pretty unbelievable what we’ve built in 8 short months! If that’s not people power, we don’t know what is.

Now, it’s time to stick the landing. And we need your help. We are nearing the Genesis build of the app, and it’s beautiful. But before we send it off to hopefully be a part of changing the world, we want to make sure it goes through the rigorous testing required to ensure it meets our high standard for quality and security. To get its feet wet. To warm up. To get even better.

So, the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet release rollout story starts like this.

In the coming week, the app will be go into limited release to some Ethos community members and Pre-Registered users who will be part of our final polish and testing process – so we can make sure the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet is as seamless and flawless as possible when it hits your pockets. This group will include:

  • Ethos Product Council members. They’ve been involved since the beginning and their feedback has been critical to building the app.
  • Top 100 Token Sale Contributors. Their support since day one has helped make this journey possible.
  • A randomly selected group of Pre-Registered community members. There are thousands upon thousands of you, and we love you all! A whole bunch of you are going to receive invites to join our Product Council and be part of the Genesis release. You’ll also need to be an ETHOS token holder to participate. So if you’re on the list, watch out for an invite! And if you’re not already pre-registered, get yourself on the list by clicking here!

Our Genesis release users will be an integral part of making sure the Ethos Universal Coin Wallet is battle-tested and ready for the instant global scale that awaits upon wide release. Genesis release users will also be rewarded for their efforts in finding any bugs or issues we haven’t already worked out – just another way for people power to play a role in building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody.

You ready? We are.
Let’s go.

Team Ethos