Ethos Token Now Live On Voyager

Buy & Trade ETHOS with USD Commission-Free!

It’s official, the Ethos Token is now listed on Voyager! 

Voyager is both a commission-free fiat-gateway and crypto trading app, giving crypto users a fast, safe and commission-free option to buy and trade Ethos.

Ethos is Now Supported on Voyager!

We are beyond excited to share with the Ethos community and crypto enthusiasts alike, that you now have the opportunity to purchase Ethos directly and trade Ethos with USD through Voyager. 

This unique listing will be the first ever fiat pairing with the Ethos Token, which means the first opportunity the community will have to purchase Ethos directly with US Dollars. The ETHOS Token will have its own profile, interactive charts and data in the Voyager App. 

Voyager is currently available in 49-US States and US territories on iOS. Voyager will be expanding internationally in the coming months, and Android will be coming in Q4 2019. 

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Ethos Token Crypto Deposits & Withdrawals Coming Soon

Recently, Voyager and Ethos utilized our blockchain abstraction API platform, Ethos Bedrock, to enable crypto deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin and Ethereum on Voyager. Now, the team is back at it again, focused on building and enabling crypto deposits and withdrawals of the Ethos token. This feature is currently in development, and we’ll announce it when it’s ready and live. 

Our Powers Combined – Ethos Token Utility on Ethos & Voyager

The Ethos token will power features such as Cashback Rewards, discounted fees on live-trading of self-custody assets on Voyager & more.

This is a major milestone and brings us one step closer to implementing our token utility vision and plans within the Voyager app, as we build the foundation for our token utility to be fully manifested and accessible for all users.

The Journey Here

Founded in mid-2017, Ethos has spent the past two years building infrastructure to help bring users and businesses simple and safe access to the blockchain. In building the Ethos Universal Wallet, Ethos has helped enable the ability for crypto users to simply and securely store, track, send and receive their crypto assets for free. The Universal Wallet is built on Bedrock, a foundation platform that abstracts and makes blockchains more accessible, and secure for both individuals and financial institutions.

In 2018, Voyager and Ethos entered into a relationship that has evolved into the merging of the two companies. Together, our teams have brought to market a commission-free crypto trading app that supports trading between fiat and over 20 crypto assets, market & limit orders, and crypto deposits and withdrawals. 

The Voyager app offers investors unmatched access to the crypto market, with enhanced price discovery, access to liquidity, and speed through our smart order router technology –– all in one convenient place.

Big Thanks to our Community!

We appreciate your insights and input as a community, as it helps inform our direction and future. We look forward to building out the services that you most need and desire.  Join the Voyager and Ethos Telegram – Connect with the Team & Community

The future is bright!


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