Ethos Reveals New Defi Vault

Ethos announced the new name of its upcoming major Defi app: Ethos Defi Vault. The name Ethos Defi Vault was chosen after several extended focus groups and surveys with the Ethos Product Council, a core group of Ethos volunteers and crypto enthusiasts.
“We are pleased to bring a new category of crypto app to market that will firmly put the power and control back where it belongs – into the individual user’s hands,” commented Ethos co-CEO Adam Lavine. “The initial response to this application has been extremely positive, with over 120,000 people on our waitlist.”
Ethos Defi Vault is an app that puts extremely powerful cryptography and self-custody technology into user’s hands, along with a robust decentralized trading and best execution engine. The name was selected for this app as it hit all of the major core points Ethos is striving for with its new application:
Defi: Creating a decentralized way for people to interact with crypto, avoiding the centralized risk of the 2022 meltdowns such as Voyager, Celsius, FTX and Genesis Lending.
Trading: The app is designed for users to trade in a safe and convenient manner and see live market data and get best execution pricing across dozens of defi exchanges.
Vault: The app uses breakthrough next-generation MPC technology to provide an easy and secure way to create, backup and restore private crypto keys.
The Ethos Defi Vault is designed to promote self-custody, self-sovereignty, ethics and integrity in the crypto industry.
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