Ethos x Taxfyle

Ethos has partnered with Taxfyle to offer crypto investors the first viable tax preparation alternative for supporting the crypto community with access to responsible tax preparation and filing. Ethos is developing a dynamic Multi-Sided Investment Platform and Global Ecosystem that will begin to be introduced this quarter. Taxfyle is the number one on-demand tax prep service, where customers are provided with an upfront price quote to have a credentialed tax professional prepare and file their taxes.

Let’s face it, the U.S. tax regulations involving cryptocurrency investments are overly complicated and counter intuitive, when compared to traditional investment alternatives. This partnership will allow crypto investors access to high-quality tax preparation and professionals without having to pay the inflated fees associated with traditional professional accounting firms.

“Given the new tax regulations governing cryptocurrencies, now more than ever, crypto investors are going to require the expertise that licensed professionals have to offer,” Taxfyle co-founder Richard Lavina said in a statement.

“We’re very proud to be partnering with Ethos. We see this as a step in the right direction for promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies, as well as helping solve a very real need being faced by these investors,” said Taxfyle co-founder Michael Mouriz.

“We believe that Taxfyle’s services will fill a crucial gap that many other crypto firms aren’t able to provide. Dealing with taxes in the crypto industry is difficult. By partnering with Taxfyle we are furthering Ethos’s mission to make the crypto industry more accessible to everyone,” said Ethos founder and CEO, Shingo Lavine.

“Tax considerations are an essential part of a dynamic investment ecosystem. As we deliver this transformative and powerful new multi-sided financial platform it was obvious to us that we needed to provide our users with access to critical tax services, and Taxfyle immediately fills this need,” said Ethos Chief Global Strategist Stephen Corliss.

Together, Ethos and Taxfyle aim to provide crypto investors the best solution in resolving their tax worries, in an effort to be fully compliant in this ever-changing industry. As the multi-sided features of the Ethos ecosystem mature, Ethos and Taxfyle see a significant opportunity to streamline the ability for users to locate, find and engage with tax professionals anywhere anytime.

To kick things off, Ethos community members can receive $20 off Taxfyle services with the promo code ETHOSCRYPTO.

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