Ethos Netherlands Recap: Global Ambassador Program Launch

Hot off the heels of the Universal Wallet release worldwide, we were thrilled to also launch our first Global Ambassador led meetup event in the Netherlands on Sunday, July 29th. The event was organized by Michael Noordanus, our Dutch Ambassador, who has been an energetic and loyal advocate of Ethos since day one. Ethos Telegram community members have come to know Michael very well as result of his ever-present support in our channels.



The Key to the New Economy is Community

To kick off the live talks, Michael welcomed to the stage our newly appointed German Ambassador, Christoph Schlechter. Christoph’s contributions to the Ethos community have been invaluable. From his clear and patient communication in Telegram, to developing ideas like the Ethos Ambassador Program, he has played an integral role in nurturing our people-powered movement.



Community members, Thijmen (Customer Service & QA Manager), Customer Support reps, Shingo, Stephen, KDP, Ambassadors, Moderators… the whole fam!


Secure and Simple Design

KDP educated us on the people-powered financial future that awaits us all. As a leader of the product development team, KDP spoke to how the feedback we receive from the community, the people’s wants, needs, and desires, is directly informing what is built into the app and where we will go in the future.



“We share a common vision and mission, which is to use the power of blockchain and finance to create a New Economy. One that is open, safe and fair for everyone.”– KDP


“What’s most salient for me is reaffirming our commitment to our community roots. My goal every day is to figure out how to be nimble in our team structure [and] our feedback loops so we can keep a close pulse on the needs and requests of the community . . . so that its woven directly into the product.” – KDP



We chatted with attendees from across Europe, each one having a story or use case to share, emphasizing the need to create a decentralized financial ecosystem.


Interconnectivity: Traditional and Next Gen Finance

Stephen and Shingo both provided insights into how the current financial system functions and how change must and can be brought to usher in the New Economy. Stephen dove into the details of building a frictionless global investment and wealth management ecosystem.



Stephen went further to unveil that we have all the partners in place to deliver a robust and complete Fiat Gateway, which for Ethos means offering consumers wealth management, trading and banking services.

In response to a question from the audience, Stephen discussed Ethos’ global reach for our global mission, and revealed that Ethos has already begun garnering international attention, including strong interest from a bank in Tokyo to discuss custodial solutions.

As you probably know, the technical infrastructure for funding accounts with USD is being facilitated through our relationship with Plaid. But did you know that through our powerful partnership with Payroc, merchants will soon be using Ethos Bedrock to begin accepting crypto for goods and services?


“I get up in the morning because I believe we can actually solve this” – Stephen


Shingo educated us all on the history and evolution of custody in financial markets over the last century. Furthermore, he discussed the regulatory environment around custody in both the Old and New Economy, and where we are headed. His calls for a system that serves the people instead of institutions, and the questions he evoked around the topic of self-custody, sparked meaningful dialogue amongst audience members.


“… Where the individual is taking custody of these funds, at all times … is it possible that you could create a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everybody?” – Shingo


“Can you create a programmable system that can build a financial ecosystem around the individual, rather than around the institutions that are taking custody? Is it possible to take the individual and bring them to these financial services rather than having to cater to the institution?” – Shingo


We recently introduced the community to our development process and how we plan to fulfill the core underlying needs of consumers. We have come so far and we are so excited for the direction we are heading! Want to see the most up-to-date information regarding development progress? Check out our new Dev Dashboard.



Attendees were privy to a sneak peek into the working relationships of the team members! During the much anticipated Hot & Spicy interview with Stephen, where he daringly scorched his palette with 5 progressively hotter hot sauces, and gave away $1500 to members of the audience, he was asked what it’s like to work with someone so much younger than himself.


“It’s been phenomenal. There has been some mentoring there too. But it’s funny, the mentoring goes both ways. Even though he is 30 years younger than me, I learn from him and he learns from me. Which makes it an extremely successful and powerful relationship.” – Stephen


The event was filled with gourmet bites, craft beer – including the original Ethos Saison, which was described as landing on the palette with beautiful floral and fruity tone. Brewed with a little rye for a round mouthfeel and a sturdy punch in aftertaste! This beer was a wonderful compliment to discussions on the fresh ideas that have surfaced in light of the radical change in financial industries. Concepts like the Ethos objective to empower everyone with their own digital vault aka self-custody in the New Economy.



Not unlike the Ethos Summit, our first meetup held in Rhode Island, new relationships were forged and old ones rekindled as Ethos Ambassadors, Moderators, Team and community members, and leaders of other blockchain companies united under one roof in Amersfoort, NL this last weekend.

Want to watch the full video of the meetup? Check it out here.



Couldn’t make it to the Netherlands meetup? Be on the lookout for Ethos events near you!


KDP and’s Community Manager Eleanor chilling at Crypto Canal in Amsterdam