Ethos Introduces Cashback Rewards for Token Holders Trading with Voyager

Ethos is pleased to announce a new era of Ethos token utility, in our latest and most significant strategic partnership to date, with Voyager. In this article, we explain the details on how cashback rewards will work, but first here is some context.

In early 2019, Voyager will be launching their commission-free cryptocurrency investing app. Voyager will give users the power to use their smart order router technology, which connects to multiple exchanges, to get the best execution on their crypto purchases and sales.

Whether you are selling or buying in fiat or trading between cryptocurrencies, Voyager makes it simple, safe and offers you the best execution on every trade.

Ethos Universal Wallet will be integrating Voyager’s trading technology, enabling seamless commission-free trading, with best-execution speed, liquidity and price across multiple exchanges directly from your wallet.

Using the Wallet, users will always maintain control over private keys and custody of coins. Wallet holders will soon be able to directly transfer the tokens they manage to Voyager for instant trading, and back to the Ethos Universal Wallet for easy storing, tracking and transacting.

ETHOS Token Powered Cashback Rewards: How It Works

We will determine the level of cashback rewards you are eligible for by cross-referencing your Ethos Status, which is determined by the number of Ethos tokens you hold in your Universal Wallet, with your monthly trade volume through Voyager.

So, in order to be eligible for cashback rewards, you must…

1 – Gain Ethos Status by Holding Ethos Tokens in your Universal Wallet

Your Ethos Status will increase to higher-levels when you hold more Ethos Tokens in your wallet, it’s that simple. For example, 100 Tokens is Silver and 10,000 Tokens is Diamond.

For more information on Ethos Status, read: Ethos Status Powered by Ethos Token Ethos Status is built on Ethos Bedrock. Through our xAlert API, your Ethos Status is updated in real-time based on the amount of tokens you are holding in your wallet, unlocking features such as coin reviews ratings and more. Of course, the higher your status, the more cashback you will receive.

2. Actively Trade Using Voyager

The more trades, buys and sells that you perform using Voyager, alongside your Ethos Status, will unlock higher-levels of cashback rewards. Keep in mind, it’s not just the amount of trades, it’s the volume, so the larger your trades, the greater your cashback.

Making trades through Voyager is completely commission-free, so you also get the benefit of not having to deal with hidden fees and mark-up on your trades. Cashback rewards will be available for both the Voyager fiat gateway and cryptocurrency trading platform.

The Ethos Cashback Token Utility Equation & Cashback Levels

The more tokens you hold, the more you trade, the more you earn! Here is the Full Cashback Level Chart:

Disclaimer:  Cashback Rewards will not be eligible through the Simplex & ShapeShift Services coming soon to the Universal Wallet. Cashback will only be available utilizing Voyager for trades, on the Voyager Platform and through the trader router in Ethos Universal Wallet. Cashback rates and levels are subject to change.

Ethos Token Utility - The Future is Bright

Today marks another major milestone for Ethos Token Utility. But truly, we are still just getting started. As we continue to expand our ecosystem and partnerships, we will continue to announce more token utility features and rewards for our community.

Voyager is an incredible partner for Ethos, and we look forward to more strategic partners who will work with us to make crypto more easy, fun and accessible to the mainstream, while always adding value to the network and empowering our token and users.

Stay tuned for more announcements and features to come in 2019, as we rapidly progress on the road to mass adoption! The future is for everyone.