Ethos Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet is Now Testing on Mainnet!

Ethos has now migrated its Universal Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet from its preliminary testing on test-net, to its operational testing on Mainnet.


We know many of you are asking the precise date of when the Universal Coin Wallet will be Released. While we cannot share an exact date, this is a critical step on the path of its release to the app-store for iOS and Android.

Security and streamlined functionality are the #1 priority of the Ethos Team and by being fully operational on Mainnet – all security features can be confirmed as being fail-safe.

Last week, Ethos on-boarded over 2,000 qualified, international individuals to their Product Council for testing of the Ethos Universal Wallet. The Product Council went through a very thorough approval process, and we thank them for their effort in completing the process.They will be on-boarded into the app soon.

The members of the Product Council are providing feedback on…

  • Reporting bugs in the Ethos Bug Bounty Program.
  • Creating new wallets for various coins.
  • Sending and receiving crypto from wallet to wallet.
  • And giving feedback on the overall user experience of the Ethos Universal Wallet.

Ethos is now in the process of on-boarding and training these product testers, and receiving their responses to iterate and make necessary improvements. While the existing Product Council is currently operating on Test-Net, the existing Product Council and all 2,000 new Product Council users will go directly to testing on Mainnet at the same time.

The migration to Mainnet means that the the Ethos Core-Team is actively testing all of the features the app will have at its release, using a variety of cryptocurrencies. This will be followed by the Product Council testing the app directly on Mainnet as well.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet Features at Release Include, but are not Limited to…

  • Creating you Smart Key for your Universal Crypto Wallet
  • Creating Wallets for Specific Coins
  • Implementing self-custody your coins
  • Sending & receiving cryptocurrency within your wallets
  • Charts and portfolio management

Want to take a look inside the Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Here is a video one of our initial Product Council testers created! A Big Thank You to @Stagea76 on Telegram for creating this!(Disclaimer: This video was done while Ethos was still in Testnet – although Mainnet Testing is Active)

We are excited to be announcing this major step for the Ethos Universal Wallet App – and offer a big thank you and welcome to our highly-engaged community who are now helping us test the Universal Wallet.

Stay tuned for more announcements from the Ethos Team!