Ethos Community Airdrop Program

The Official Guide on how to get your airdrop tokens in your Universal Wallet.Below you will find all of the information you need to learn more about the Ethos Community Airdrop Program, how it works and how to receive your tokens if you pre-registered for the Universal Wallet.

About The Program

In the months leading up to the global release of our Universal Wallet, we invited the crypto community to pre-register for the app. Inspired by the enthusiastic response, we wanted to do something special for our growing community to showcase the power of the Universal Wallet and the collaborative nature of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

So we gathered an incredible lineup of innovative companies to participate in our Community Airdrop Program. All tokens and companies who have participated in our Ethos Community Airdrop Program are supported within the Universal Wallet. One of our objectives is to help increase the utility and liquidity of these tokens by having created a safe and simple way for token holders to store, transact, send and receive.

Pre-registrants of the Universal Wallet are automatically eligible to receive an assortment of a select number of these tokens. Below is all the information you need to know in order to claim your Airdrops and receive them in your Universal Wallet.

* Eligibility for our inaugural drop was offered to all who pre-registered for the Universal Wallet (before July 2nd, 2018 – which marked the first day of our Global Rollout).

Our Community Airdrop Program is designed to showcase cutting-edge platforms in the blockchain space. By collaborating with a colorful array of breakthrough companies, our goal is to introduce our Universal Wallet users to the endless possibilities of crypto.

How To Receive Your Airdrop Tokens in Your Universal Wallet

Important: If you pre-registered before July 2nd, 2018, you will receive an email to confirm your eligibility, please check your inbox. Tokens will be airdropped directly into your wallet once you’ve completed these three simple steps.

The steps below must be completed by Thursday, August 16th at 11:59pm PST. We cannot airdrop tokens to registrants who do not have an active Universal Wallet, so this is mandatory for participation.

Step 1: Sign Up for the Universal Wallet

Download the Universal Wallet on your iPhone or Android and ensure the email address you use to create your new Ethos account is the same email address you used to pre-register. This is part one of our user verification.

Step 2: Create a SmartWallet & SmartKey

You can’t crypto without these! Once you have a SmartWallet and a SmartKey, you can easily store, track, send + receive all your digital assets in safe, simple and secure interface – and of course, receive your Airdrops directly to your wallet!

These two steps must be completed by: Thursday, August 16th at 11:59pm PST

Step 3: Sit Tight & Get Your Airdrops

Once you complete steps 2 & 3, look forward to future announcements and emails from the Ethos teams about the status and delivery of your AirDrops.

We will be making future announcements regarding what coins are being delivered when to ensure clarity amidst the community in the process.

Our team has designed various collections of assorted participating tokens. Eligibility does not mean each user will receive the same variety or quantity of tokens. Following is a list of participating tokens who will be part of the Pre-Registration Community Airdrop.

Note: Tokens currently supported by Universal Wallet will be distributed first. Any tokens not yet supported in Universal Wallet will be allocated to confirmed eligible first round airdrop recipients, and will be airdropped to those users as soon as coin support for those coins is available.

AirDrops FAQ

The first round of airdrops is available to eligible Universal Wallet Pre-Registrants Only.

You are eligible if: 1. You pre-registered for the Universal Wallet before July 2nd, 2018. 2. You have created a SmartWallet using the same email address entered at the time of pre-registration. 3. Your account and SmartWallet is created by Thursday, August 16th at 11:59pm PST. If you DID NOT register as part Universal Wallet pre-registration prior to July 2, 2018, stay tuned for updates on opportunities to be eligible to receive future public AirDrops through Ethos Universal Wallet

Now now, surprise is the best part about our AirDrops 🙂 We have done our best to deliver AirDrop packages containing a unique and equal value a collection as possible of participating coins to all users.

In order to not congest the Ethereum Network, tokens may be sent in singular batches or group baskets and distributed overtime – once we get started, make sure to check your Universal Wallet and our updates to see if you got yours.

Yes, we will. The Community Airdrop Program will roll over several rounds in the near future. We believe it’s a wonderful way to bring awareness to the great progress being made through blockchain technologies – like our participating tokens.

If your token would like to participate in future airdrop programs, complete our Ethos Airdrop Program Application and our team will be in touch!

* The Ethos Airdrop Program is not an inducement in any way. Ethos does not receive directly or indirectly any compensation or proceeds from the airdrop program. Participation in the pre-registration program does not guarantee participation in the airdrop program. Individuals who do not participate in the pre-registration program may also participate in the airdrop program. Ethos has done an analysis of each token to identify potential risks, however, inclusion of a token as part of the airdrop program is not an endorsement of any specific token or project. Ethos does not operate as a broker/dealer, underwriter or securities issuer and receives no benefits whatsoever from any tokens participating in the program. Please note: The tokens being airdropped by OmiseGo in this program have been sourced from the supply received in the September Ethereum-wide airdrop.