Ethos Summit Recap!

The First Ever Ethos Summit

Saturday April 14th, 2018 was hands down one for the books. It was not only the day Beyonce took over Coachella but it also marks the very same day our beloved team held our first ever Ethos Summit. Beyonce couldn’t wait to hit the stage after a year on mat leave and we couldn’t wait to share our vision in-person and via live stream! Who could ask for a more perfect alignment of groundbreaking events?

Left to right: Kevin Pettit (Chief Product Officer), Dan Caley (Director of Portfolio Management), Derek Barrera (Core Engineer)

But in case you missed it (aka what were you thinking?!), we’ve put together this nifty recap of the Ethos Summit for your enjoyment.

One of the most exciting elements of the Summit was that some our team members were able to connect in person for the very first time. Countless hours, days and months of virtual team meetings courtesy of video hangouts, screen shares and on Slack channels finally came together to real life fruition in Providence, Rhode Island.

To kick off the live talks, we first welcomed to the stage our fearless leader Shingo Lavine. His keynote mapped out the origins of crypto and went on to explain how Ethos will launch a blockchain platform that will truly be open, safe and fair for everyone. In doing so, even crypto newbies would understand the motivation to build a distributed ledger in a personal device.

Shingo also highlighted the Ethos commitment to nurturing communities through education – a key missing ingredient to decentralizing crypto and bringing it to a wider audience.



It became obvious that the positivity that fuels the Ethos movement has reached contagion-level momentum. The Summit was an opportunity to meet international community members from far and wide. We shook hands and chatted with attendees from Poland, Venezuela, Japan and beyond. Each guest had a story or use case to share, emphasizing the need to create a decentralized financial ecosystem.



Some of the Ethos team also took the stage, delighted to offer an inside scoop on the vibrant Ethos work culture – as well as addressing the ever-present anticipation around, what is now known as, #WhenWallet.


Panelists, left to right: Ellen Jiang, Gloria Feng (UI/UX Designers), Laura Lee Boykins (Lead UI/UX Designer), Derek Barrera (Core Engineer), Kevin Pettit (Chief Product Officer) and Dan Caley (Director of Portfolio Management)


The team examined the processes involved with bringing such a complex system and breaking it down into beautiful, usable pieces for the everyday user.

Some of the Summit attendees even had the opportunity to take the latest version of the app for a test drive! Pro-Tip: On the off chance you haven’t already, you probably want to pre-register for our Universal Wallet.





Later in the day we caught up with Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology expert Maurice Herlihy who demystified blockchain technology by exploring ICOs, self-custody and mining. Maurice was followed by a virtual visit from our Chief Investment Officer Vishal Karir who hung a light on correlations, diversifications and trends.



From top to bottom, the first ever Ethos Summit was a massive hit. We are so pleased with the level of engagement and curiosity of our community and the crypto industry at large.



We look forward to the many questions and conversations yet to come, so in the meantime (what are you waiting for?!) here are ways to keep up to date and in touch with us:



We’ll be chopping up the video from the Summit and posting the program as segments, but in the meantime, feel free to take it in in full! Here’s the recording of the live stream: