Ethos Announces Celsius Recovery Token Airdrop

 Valentine’s Day Announcement to show love to the Celsius community after a difficult 2022

Any Celsius holder is creditor is eligible for 1000 free ETHOS tokens with simple proof of ownership

(British Virgin Islands)– Ethos Corporation announced on Valentine’s Day 2023 that it is showing love to the Celsius community by extending its recovery airdrop to any Celsius token holder or creditor.  By filling out a form and showing proof of ownership or creditor status, the Celsius user will be eligible for a 1000 ETHOS tokens.


“Along with Voyager and FTX, Celsius users took a big blow from having their funds co-mingled and lost,” said Adam Lavine, co-CEO.  “Hopefully this recovery airdrop helps Celsius users down the road to recovery, and encourages them to use decentralized trading and yield platforms like Ethos that let them control their own assets.”


Ethos Defi Trading Vault is an app that puts extremely powerful cryptography and self-custody technology into user’s hands, along with a robust decentralized trading, yield, and best price execution engine. 



Ethos is a blockchain software company that enables users to connect to the best of Decentralized Finance across Trading, Yield, NFTs, and Tokenized assets. In response to the recent meltdowns on centralized crypto exchanges, the Ethos experience begins with an enterprise-grade, self-custody Vault that is easy to set-up, use and restore, and then provides users a visually compelling software interface that enables Users to access otherwise complex third-party protocols and transact directly on the blockchain without any middlemen. The User never loses control of their own assets and is solely in control of his/her own investment decisions and risk management, two core principles that were unfortunately lost in the recent trend towards centralized exchanges.

It is important to note that Ethos is neither a decentralized exchange (DEX) nor a protocol. Rather, Ethos is a software platform that empowers Users to self-custody their own funds and seek the best price across a wide range of third-party DEXs. Using the Ethos Defi Trading Vault, users can easily navigate among third-party protocols to accomplish their own trading, yield farming, and other objectives.  Ethos is neither an “Agent” nor a “Broker-Dealer” as those terms are defined.  Ethos is a self-custody software platform that empowers Users to take control of their own assets, trading decisions, and risk management while making it easy to interact directly with third-party blockchains and protocols from a safe and secure Vault.



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