Dev Dashboard

Last Updated: 08-16-2018

On Deck

Planning and preparation stage

xWallet APIs 10%
Ratings & Reviews 10%
Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) 5%
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Dogecoin 10%
In-app News 10%
Add'l Base Currencies (Satoshi, Euro, etc.) 5%
Payroc Integration 5%

In Progress

In active development

ERC20 additions 90%
Coin Swaps with Shapeshift 25%
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xTransact APIs 25%
Lock App with Pin/Biometrics 30%
Hide coins in SmartWallet 50%
Zcash 10%
Decred Support 10%
Ether Classic Support 10%
Bitcoin Cash Support 40%
Ravencoin Support 10%
Performance & Bug Improvements 30%

Beta Testing

Final testing and QA

Litecoin Support 95%
Dash Support 95%
Improved Blockchain Fee Calculations 95%
Airdrop Distribution Tool 95%
Failed transactions shown in history 95%

Enable Customer support to research customer accounts and rescan transactions

Delete individual WatchFolio transactions 95%
Streamline Send/Receive flow 95%


Available in latest app version

Mobile CI/CD Pipeline 100%

Automates how we create mobile app builds across test and production environments.

Support Tool Enhancements 100%
Round of Bug fixes 100%
  • Fixed issue with coins not appearing in SmartWallet
  • Fixed issues with users getting stuck on login successful screen
  • Grammar and content fixes
  • Signup and login experience bug fixes
  • Back button not closing out the app on Android
Performance Enhancements 100%
  • Faster coin review performance
  • Faster page rendering
  • Better App Stability
  • Fixes issues with sporadically being logged out of app