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Last Updated: 07-26-2019

Current Test Stabilization Version – v2.0.1

Current Beta Version – Coming soon!

Current Production Version – v2.0.0

NOTE: Any mockups or prototypes displayed may not represent final versions of UX design. Any figures shown are not meant to be accurate and are for simulation purposes only.

On Deck

Planning and preparation stage

Ethos x Voyager - Universal Wallet Integration 15%
Ethos x Voyager - Token Utility 15%
Binance Mainnet Support 5%
UI/UX Ehancements - Transact Flows from Coin Profile 10%
XRP Support 5%
UI/UX Ehancements - Transaction History 10%
UI/UX Enhancements - Portfolio Page Upgrade 10%
Wanchain Support 10%
Decred Support 10%
Zcash Support 10%
Ravencoin Support 10%
Dogecoin Support 10%
Send All / Improvements to Handle Dust Tx 5%

In Progress

In active development

Ethos x Voyager - Custody Service ERC20 Support 75%
Bedrock Blockchain Node Processing Optimizations 70%
Payroc Integration 40%
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Add'l Base Currencies (Satoshi, Euro, etc.) 25%
Enhance Wallet Performance Calculations 50%

Beta Testing

Final testing and QA


Available in latest app version

Bitcoin Fee Optimization 100%
Bedrock xAlert APIs 100%
Bitcoin Cash Support 100%
Ethos x Voyager - xWallet Upgrade 100%
Ethos x Voyager - Transient Infrastructure 100%
Ethos x Voyager - Schema Updates 100%
Ethos x Voyager - Cryptography Service 100%
Datacenter Migration - Performance Boost 100%
Library Code Updates (React Native, etc) 100%
UI/UX - Refine Lock Screen with Bio/Pin 100%
Cardano Support 100%
Ethos x Voyager - Bedrock xAuth 100%
UI/UX - Buy, Swap and Scan Flows from Left Nav 100%
Support for Additional ERC20 Tokens 100%
Support for Emerging Tokens with No Market Data 100%
Support for Ethereum’s Hard Fork Constantinople 100%
Push Notifications - for Ethos Announcements 100%
Performance - Pricing Service Optimizations 100%
Performance - Wallet Home / Transaction History Lag 100%
Coin Swaps with Shapeshift 100%
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Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) 100%
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Rnd 4 of Perf. & Bug Improvements 100%
Bedrock xWallet APIs 100%
Bedrock xTransact APIs 100%
Ethos SecureHash 100%
Ethos Status 100%
Ether Classic Support 100%
Coin Integration Upgrades 100%
Rnd 3 of Perf. & Bug Improvements 100%
Coin Reviews 100%
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Join Our Community Page 100%
ERC20 additions 100%

Support added for 42 coins

Hide coins in SmartWallet 100%
Coin Social & Educational Links 100%
Litecoin Support 100%
Delete individual WatchFolio txns 100%
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Lock App with Pin/Biometrics 100%
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Rnd 2 of Perf. & Bug Improvements 100%

Speed increases in Login/Signup
Query optimizations for Coin Price History
30+ Bugs Squashed

Failed txns shown in history 100%
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Improved Blockchain Fee Calculations 100%
Streamline Send/Receive flow 100%
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Dash Support 100%
Mobile CI/CD Pipeline 100%

Automates how we create mobile app builds across test and production environments.

Support Tool Enhancements 100%

Enable Customer support to research customer accounts and rescan transactions

Airdrop Distribution Tool 100%
Round of Bug fixes 100%
  • Fixed issue with coins not appearing in SmartWallet
  • Fixed issues with users getting stuck on login successful screen
  • Grammar and content fixes
  • Signup and login experience bug fixes
  • Back button not closing out the app on Android
Performance Enhancements 100%
  • Faster coin review performance
  • Faster page rendering
  • Better App Stability
  • Fixes issues with sporadically being logged out of app