Welcome to the Ethos Dev Diary – progress updates from the Ethos engineering team as we continue building and improving Universal Wallet! We’ll also be tracking progress of larger features and milestones on our Dev Dashboard board, viewable here. To learn more visit the Wallet Page.  Thanks for your support!

Tues May 14

In agile development, software is built by taking targeted user scenarios and plumbing together pieces of the system vertically, as opposed to horizontally.  Vertically, meaning just enough of each component to accomplish an end to end scenario; as opposed to horizontally, meaning building individual components one at a time to support all future requirements but never hooking up an end to end scenario until late in the process.  

As much as business and engineering teams communicate, there are always unspoken, unrealized assumptions lingering until you experience the software working.  This is why it’s great to build vertically, to complete small user scenarios and demo the progress often to stakeholders. It lets the non-technical members see the progress and ask questions or provide feedback on what’s there or what’s not there.  Teams can then iterate quickly on areas that failed to meet the mark or adjust as business opportunities shift and change with the market.

With our first POC for Crypto deposits completed last sprint, we approached the development as we should, with a vertical slice to accomplish the first half of the end to end scenarios.  This sprint we then moved to picking up the remaining work to scale the individual components and add necessary security layers. We also set aside time to move the completed work into our integration environments to enable the Voyager team to become hands on while we move on to what’s needed for the next set of scenarios. As integration begins on a vertical slice, it will quickly start to flush out any misses we need to address.   

So now more of the vision is on it’s way to becoming realized.  A gateway to easily get from fiat to crypto, best execution when converting funds and soon the ability to move your existing crypto into the ecosystem so you can get best execution when trading what you already hold.  Ultimately, these are baby steps; but promising baby steps for an exciting future in which you are part of the journey! Good stuff. Good stuff.

We did have some challenges this sprint.  Some of our devs ran into productivity issues with our builds so we needed to pause and address.  We took a few days to make improvements and in doing so will capture back some development hours moving forward.  We never want our devs struggling with internal tools or processes if, given a few days we can resolve the issues.  Common sense, yes. But so often devs suffer in silence and organizations don’t address the productivity issues because of short term goals.  We also have had to work thru some lingering issue with Cardano, some of which we have found were problems other teams reported running into as well.  It’s delayed the production release of v1.9 a bit as we’ve been pretty focused on our Crypto deposit work but we are close to closing in on the final updates.

While we get Voyager integrating on the first delivery, we move to the next scenario.  I am personally very excited about this next round of development because it allows us to finish building out a partially realized piece of our Bedrock architecture that many roadmap features will be able to tap into.  You’ve likely seen xAlert sitting on our development board, a bit stagnant. Well, it’s time to get it across the finish line.

xAlert is going to be a powerful microservice of webhooks, websockets and push notifications built into the system to be able to broadcast out information needed to be consumed by other services.  Let’s look at a few specific examples, some of which will be on the near term roadmap and some which will be future roadmap items.

Crypto Deposits – xAlert will enable broadcasting out of transaction details for Crypto deposits so Voyager’s accounting systems are kept up to date in real time.  This also keeps you trading your funds in real time!

Wallet Balances – ever notice that it takes a bit for your coin balance to update after a transaction is sent from your Universal Wallet?  We want it to be more real time too. xAlert will enable us to push changes to the Universal Wallet faster, in real time, instead of the wallet having to pull that information.

Push Notifications – want to receive a push notification when your deposit is received instead of having to watch for it?  Again, xAlert will lay the foundation to make this happen. We already have some push notification capabilities and can push out marketing and news but we need the xAlert services to get transaction activity scenarios realized as well.

Price Alerts – have you wondered what’s stalled us from getting price alerts into the app?  xAlert will be the foundational piece needed for us to pick this feature up in the future.

I am sure I could give a ton more examples and, of course, we will build xAlert out vertically to meet our immediate roadmap items but it is a foundational component that is a must have to keep us moving forward.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Mort Report and that it is as sunny in your corner of the world as it is in mine.  Summer is coming here in the Treasure Valley and, truthfully, I might have a bit of summer fever!

For more on the near term roadmap and current progress, please visit our Dev Dashboard where you can see all of the latest updates.

Have a great weekend!!


Mon Apr 29

There is nothing that makes me give an initial sigh of relief like a proof of concept (POC).  A POC is defined as “evidence, typically derived from an experiment or pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept, business proposal, etc.,is feasible.”  After brainstorming, planning, speculating; to see the solution beginning to take shape, to actually start proving up those speculative discussions no matter how grounded they were in sound experience or technological know how is a great milestone to hit.  It means the idea taking shape might still have some layers of work to add in, some bumps in the road to manage but it’s no longer just a theory, it’s working software. I like working software. It can be measured, assessed, and gives true indication the team isn’t stuck in analysis paralysis.

This week, as we hit the end of our sprint, the team is also hitting a significant internal milestone with a working POC for the Bedrock architecture updates needed to enable crypto deposits for Voyager.  Hitting this milestone is noteworthy as it brings to fruition the first use case for collaboration between the Ethos and Voyager systems. It starts to solidify the joining of forces as two separate organizations into one; it gives us tangible evidence of Bridging Ethos, the Token and the Voyager Ecosystem.

So, all that to say I am excited for our sprint demo this week, to see the POC in action.  I wish I could invite you all to share in the experience!

While focusing on the above we also continue to shepherd along v1.9 in beta.  We have a few bug fixes lingering from feedback received that we hope to get over the finish line this week.  Additionally, in our lower environments I have received my first Bitcoin Cash faucet transaction. Another coin integration that will make its way to the Ethos Universal Wallet soon.

Here’s to another Mort Report and a great week to come!  


Sat Apr 13

One of the things I love about Ethos is our distributed workforce.  We all work from wherever, whenever and just make it happen. Our “officeless” environment means with just a computer, connectivity and maybe a couple of test phones work doesn’t have to come to a halt when we are in transit in life.  It was spring break for my kids a week ago and I was joining the daily scrum meeting from a new town every day as we made a family road trip from Idaho to Washington and Oregon. Maybe not as productive as when I’m home but at least able to keep things moving.  It also does make for interesting Scrum meetings. Since we don’t get the luxury of idle chatter in an office to build relationships we take a little more than the prescribed 15 minutes in Scrum. That extra time is often spent getting to know each other, laughing, shooting the breeze a bit as people trickle into scrum; before we engage in the accountability of what we did yesterday, what we are doing today and what’s blocking us.  Some of us are just waking up, some are headed to bed. One person might be in the middle of a mini blizzard while for others it’s sunny and warm. It’s also not uncommon for a few of us to just hop into our “virtual offices” and work on mute just to have company or be available for break through when someone is stuck on something. We may be distributed but we work hard and efficient.

Of special interest in Scrum this week were the “daily woes of Derek”.  I mean, when it rains it pours and this week it seemed to be pouring on Derek!  From one eye swelling leaving him as what I am calling “the one-eyed coder” to wind blowing open his electrical box and knocking out his power during a demo to the morning scrum tour we got of Derek’s house flood.  Yup, while he’s been coding like a madman his basement slowly flooded with water and so we got to see his squishy carpet floors and soggy basement window wells via Google Meet video conferencing. Yikes, he’s got a mess on his hands!  Hoping his week next week is less eventful for him but…he didn’t seem to let it slow him down. He’s still getting things done! And that’s how it is for this team. We are real people, doing real life while delivering real solutions.

That being said, it has been a heads down kind of week here at Ethos!  v1.9 beta is finally in the hands of our beta testers so we will be watching over the next week for any feedback that comes, ready to squash remaining bugs.  Along with that we are pushing out a small update before the v1.9 changes to get all Universal Wallet users utilizing the latest app version. This will head off any backwards compatibility concerns with the Bedrock changes for xAuth and other updates we’ve done recently.  Expect your app to direct you to install the latest and greatest if you haven’t already.

We measure time by 2 week sprints and this coming Tuesday marks the end of another sprint in which we, as a team, complete a company wide demo to show off our development progress.  This week we anticipate a just in time working demo of Bitcoin Cash as well as some more of the Bedrock updates for Voyager scenarios. Based on our demo and sprint accomplishments we head into sprint planning to check in on what’s left and commit to the next set of tasks.  

For more on the near term roadmap and current progress, please visit our Dev Dashboard where you can see all of the latest updates.

Thanks for reading the Mort Report!


Sat Mar 30

This week should bring a new round of energy and excitement as we get our v1.9 changes pushed up to the beta environment, engaging our extra set of eyes to help flush out anything the team might not have encountered.  We really appreciate the dedicated beta testers that provide us with the extra coverage we couldn’t possibly achieve on our own!

As I spend time in the crypto space, I have become more appreciative of the ambition behind becoming a universal wallet.  Each new coin integration brings with it a unique set of challenges as the technology behind different coins, different blockchains requires the team to get thru a small learning curve to tackle and extend the Bedrock system.  The Cardano integration was just that for us.  An opportunity to expand the capabilities of Bedrock to support a new signing algorithm, EdDSA, laying foundation for future coins, like Monero and others, that also utilize the EdDSA scheme.

Equally noteworthy, with xAuth, Cardano (ADA) and Lock Screen enhancements being polished the team is turning/has turned their attention to the next set of tasks.

Bedrock updates for Voyager Deposit support continue to move forward behind the scenes and while our customers won’t see the fruits of our work for a bit, it’s going smoothly with the team hitting our first couple of internal milestones.  We know all big projects come with unknown surprises so we are keeping an eye out for the unexpected turns in the road and are confident the team will respond to successfully knock those down as they come, keeping us on track for delivery.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is back on board to push over the finish line as our next coin integration.  Since I know a developer’s favorite thing to hear from the their Product Owner is “that’s just a copy and paste of existing code” or “we get that for free, don’t we?” – well, then, with BCH we are pulling out the favorite comment and asking to aim for tackling Bitcoin SV along with BCH.  I mean, it’s a fork, so just a copy and paste, right?!!  😉  Let’s hope it’s that easy!

To round out the features, for the Universal Wallet we are working on letting you tap to see your wallet balances in Bitcoin value.  While we won’t cover other currency types to begin with, this will be a baby step into breaking out of the USD only view.

Finally, in other news, we happen to be a bit short handed for a couple of weeks but for good reason.  A big congratulations to one of our developers, Deepak, who tied the knot recently and is off on a honeymoon for a few weeks.  We are wishing him and his wife a wonderful and relaxing time together but will miss him while he’s gone.

For more on the near term roadmap and current progress, please visit our Dev Dashboard where you can see all of the latest updates.

That’s it for this week, keeping it short and sweet with the Mort Report.

Until next time,


Fri Mar 15


Although…sometimes we joke at Ethos there are no Fridays or Mondays, just another day with the potential for progress!  We truly are a dedicated team of engineers that love what we do. It makes for a passionate, fun and, yet, driven culture.

Speaking of progress, the engineering team has done it again, releasing v1.8 into Production this week!  Releases don’t happen without a focused energy from the devs on knocking down what’s in front of them.  It’s a constant tug-of-war over the daily checklist for the immediate release competing against the next big thing.

This release brings updates to allow our wallet to be a bit more “universal” for emerging tokens like BOMB and others where market data around price is still spotty, added ERC20 token support and navigation updates to make Buy, Swap and Scan flows easier to find and access.

But you know this already, right?  What you want to know is – what next!

With every release we have opportunity to push up the next set of items into our environments for stabilization, then Beta then Production.  So…with that said, here’s what’s moving in…

The long awaited Cardano (ADA) coin integration is moving into our stabilization environment along with updates to the lock screen to reduce frustration on the frequency as well as the number of steps it takes to unlock the app.  

A couple of side notes for these features…due to the nature of the Cardano integration existing users will need to provide the bio/pin to get the wallet setup for transacting ADA.  New users will have this included in SmartKey setup moving forward. For the lock screen we had some debates on how to make this more usable without compromising security. We looked at our competitors and steered a bit away from the status quo, finding what we think is the right balance between security and usability.  While we want to make the lock screen easy and comparable to other experiences, we never want the security of your funds to be compromised!

On the backend, we’ve updated our Hydra version and enhanced Bedrock’s OAuth to accommodate needs for the foundational Voyager deposit/withdrawal scenarios.  Additionally, we will move in changes to decouple adding new watchfolio or ERC20 tokens with the need for a mobile client release.


As we go into our Sprint planning next week, we know we will be picking up more foundational work around database and schema updates so we can get API endpoints ready for Voyager scenarios.  Unfortunately, these are the boring, lackluster engineering must haves that don’t get much press time!  Bear with us while we get through them.  Think of our work for bringing to life Voyager deposits and withdrawals as an iceberg.  When you request an address to make a deposit from the GUI, it’s like the tip of an iceberg on top of the water.  Underneath, there is a lot more than meets the eye!

While we do that lackluster work, however, we plan to continue to move the wallet forward with small features that delight.  Keep talking to us about what you want to see. And keep talking about us to your friends and family!

For more on the near term roadmap and current progress, please visit our Dev Dashboard where you can see all of the latest updates.

This is your weekly “Mort Report” – over and out!


Mon Mar 4

Wow!  It’s been too long, right?  I mean, we just released v1.8 into Beta and our last diary update was for v1.5.2.  A lot has happened since then. Our apologies for not keeping you in the loop here!  It’s been a good whirlwind of activity.

Let’s take a moment to recap and appreciate what’s transpired since the last update…

  • v1.6 was released in January, bringing to market the first phase of the fiat gateway.  We integrated Simplex and Shapeshift to make it easy to buy and swap crypto from your Ethos Universal Wallet.  We see these as great stepping stones while we move forward to deliver more. We also added stable coins TUSD and GUSD.
  •  v1.7, featuring high performance updates, was released in February.  We worked hard to optimize the Universal Wallet, making it smooth, snappy and 10x faster!  We are proud of the changes accomplished and feel it sets a better foundation. We love to hear that people are finally able to use and share the Ethos Universal Wallet with these updates and we’ve definitely seen that reflected in our metrics.  We also delivered on a first version of push notifications to help us provide you with real time updates.
  • v1.8 is already in Beta and slated to be out in March.  This release will bring some smaller updates to the navigation and support for more ERC20 tokens.  We’ve also overhauled the app to allow us to provide support for transacting tokens even when there is little or no market data on exchanges to display.  As a result, we can support some fun projects like BombToken – the world’s first self-destructing currency.

I know everyone is talking about the big news released last week around the Ethos merge with Voyager.  We’ve been keeping up on the opinions and discussions flying around!  We want to let you know firsthand, the engineering team is extremely excited about the opportunity to capitalize on the expertise of both teams while working towards a shared vision.  We’ve been interacting with the Voyager team now for some time to gather requirements and assess how Ethos proprietary Bedrock APIs can be leveraged in helping bring to life the next phase of the Fiat Gateway.  From those discussions we’ve researched, diagrammed, researched, re-diagrammed and settled on the technical direction needed to solve the first set of use cases for custody. We’ve been planning, outlining, tasking and estimating efforts for how to extend the Bedrock APIs and are starting active development against those plans now.

Alongside many of the Bedrock system updates we will be working on, we still have plans to keep rolling out incremental changes and features within the Universal Wallet.  We know coin integrations are important and are getting close to having Cardano (ADA) into the final test phase. Look for it to be out in v1.9. It’s always exciting to have a new coin in the wallet!

A big shoutout to our devops for making the big event of the Ethereum Constantinople hard fork a non-event in our system.  It felt a bit like a New Year’s Eve countdown for us as we watched the blocks roll by until the fork took place. Unlike New Year’s however, there were no fireworks, no big apple dropped and everyone seamlessly continued to transact Ethereum safely inside the Ethos Universal Wallet.

We appreciate the input from our community and love that when we solve one problem the community is vocal and involved to shout out the next things hot on your minds!  As we move some of the larger boulders on the roadmap we will continue to listen and deliver. We know token utility continues to be a topic of interest and will be looking to extend the foundational work completed for Ethos Status to realize more use cases for token utility in the near future.

For more on the near term roadmap and current progress, please visit our Dev Dashboard where you can see all of the latest updates.

Until next time, this is your “Mort Report”!

Take care,

Sat Dec 8

Version v1.5.2 is now available in both Android and iOS app stores!

Over the weekend we successfully launched a minor version of the app to include two major new features for the Universal Wallet. Ethereum Classic and Ethos SecureHash!

We moved forward with Ethos SecureHash due to our commitment to our users’ security and by providing the highest level of customer care. With SecureHash, our users can ensure that their 24-word private key that is stored securely on the mobile device is compatible with the public key stored on Ethos Bedrock. With the SecureHash integrity check, our customer support can now help users cross-verify their account or provide better customer assistance without ever requesting sensitive user data. Remember, Ethos will never ask for your private keys. To learn more about SecureHash and its benefits, please visit here:

Here is an outline of our Engineering progress with the v1.5.2 release. Please visit our Dev Dashboard and you will see all the updates. 

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Ethos SecureHash advanced to 100% complete. (+100%)
  • Ethereum Classic Integration advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)
  • Payroc Integration advanced from 10% to 20% complete (+10%)

Updated Feature Progression

  • Released Ethos SecureHash released in v1.5.2
  • Released Ethereum Classic coin integration released in v1.5.2
  • In Active Development Payroc Integration has advanced from the planning stage to active development.


Tues Nov 20

Version v1.5 of the Universal Wallet is the fastest & most improved app we have ever released!

Speed & Performance

Over the weekend we launched v1.5.1 to both Android & iOS. We delivered faster navigation, faster page speeds and increased caching for a more fluid user experience. We optimized the mobile app by reducing the number of calls made to the database (in some instances 2-3x reduction in calls made) as well as reduced query times upwards of +40%. And this is only the beginning. There are still improvements that are in progress for transactions, history and send screens that will be rolled out in the next release.

New Features

We released exciting new features including Ethos Status, Coin Reviews, Coin Educational/Social Links, Join our Community page. In addition to new features that you will find in v1.5, we have listened intently to the feedback from our users. We squashed many of the reported bugs & implemented the suggested improvements. On the infrastructure front, we also made sweeping upgrades to Ethos Bedrock that will enable faster and more robust blockchain integrations.
Here is an outline of our Engineering progress that came alongside the v1.5 release. Please visit our Dev Dashboard to see all of the latest updates.

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Ethos Status advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)
  • Round 3 of Performance & Bug Improvements advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)
  • Coin Reviews advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)
  • Coin Social/Educational Links advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)
  • Join Our Community Page advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)
  • Coin Integration Upgrades advanced from 95% to 100% complete. (+5%)

Updated Feature Progression

  • Released Ethos Status released in v1.5
  • Released Round 3 of Performance & Bug Improvements released in v1.5
  • Released Coin Reviews released in v1.5
  • Released Coin Social/Educational Links released in v1.5
  • Released Join Our Community Page released in v1.5
  • Released Coin Integration Upgrades released in v1.5


Fri Nov 2

Hey Ethos Fam! We had a very successful v1.5 Beta.

Many thanks to all the diligent testers in the Product Council Beta who provided a ton of tremendous feedback. The test coverage has accelerated the hardening of v1.5. We were able to effectively gather user feedback and incorporate it swiftly into the app. We are wrapping up the final remaining bugs. We will release one final Beta update and then follow up shortly thereafter with a submission to app stores for approval.

In addition to preparations for v1.5 launch, the Dev team has made some great progress on upcoming features. Please visit our Dev Dashboard and you will see all the updates.:

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Wanchain Integration advanced from 5% to 10% complete. (+5%)
  • Cardano increased from 10% to 20% complete. (+10%)
  • Bitcoin Cash Integration advanced from 85% to 90% complete. (+5%)
  • Push Notifications advanced from 10% to 20%. (+10%)
  • Round 4 of Performance & Bug improvements advanced from 90% to 95% complete. (+5%)
  • Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) advanced from 90% to 95% complete.(+5%)

Updated Feature Progression

  • In Development Cardano Integration entered the Active Development Stage
  • Final Testing Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) entered the Final Testing Stage
  • Final Testing Round 4 of Performance & Bug Improvements entered the Final Testing Stage



Sun Oct 21

Hey Ethos Fam! Here with an exciting update:

We launched the v1.5 Beta!

For those of you in the Beta testing group or Product Council you will see a ton of exciting updates. Two new coin integrations! Ethereum Classic and Adbank Token. Coin Reviews & Coin education links are added to enhance user interaction on the Coin profiles. We are introducing Ethos Status, a way to represent token holders and benefits into the UW as well as a variety of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Please note that we have finished development on Coin Swaps in the UW via Shapeshift, but this feature will not be yet available in v1.5 beta as we complete a few remaining compliance requirements.

Please visit our Dev Dashboard and you will see all the updates.

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Cardano increased from 5% to 10% complete. (+5%)
  • Bedrock xWallet APIs advanced from 65% to 75% complete. (+10%)
  • Bitcoin Cash Integration advanced from 75% to 85% complete. (+10%)
  • Round 4 of Performance & Bug improvements advanced from 80% to 90% complete. (+10%)
  • Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) advanced from 80% to 90% complete. (+10%)
  • UI/UX Enhancements for Transactions advanced from 5% to 10% complete (+5%)

Updated Feature Progression

  • New Feature Wanchain Integration entered the Planning & Preparation Stage
  • New Initiative Automated Mobile Testing entered the Active Development Stage
  • In Development Push notifications entered the Active Development Stage.

Aloha & Enjoy!


Sun Oct 7

Hey Ethos Fam! Here is this week’s update:

I am pleased to present some exciting engineering progress, especially on the coin integration front! We have upgraded Bedrock to enhance our ability to more quickly integrate coins. These architecture improvements make it much easier to abstract different blockchains and will streamline implementation of UTXO type chains going forward. We also began the technical evaluation for integrating Cardano into the Universal Wallet. Please visit our Dev Dashboard and you will see all the updates.:
Updated Percentage Complete

  • Bedrock xWallet APIs advanced from 55% to 65% complete. (+10%)
  • Bitcoin Cash Integration advanced from 65% to 75% complete. (+10%)
  • Coin Integration Upgrades in Bedrock advanced from 75% to 95% complete. (+20%)
  • Round 4 of Performance & Bug improvements advanced from 40% to 80% complete. (+40%)
  • Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) advanced from 50% to 80% complete. (+30%)
  • UI/UX Enhancements for Transactions advanced from 5% to 10% complete (+5%)

Updated Feature Progression

  • New Feature Cardano Integration entered the Planning & Preparation Stage
  • Final Testing Coin Integration Upgrades entered the Final Testing Stage

Aloha & Enjoy!


Sun Sept 30

Hey Ethos Fam! Here is this weeks update.

We made the SUPER EXCITING Ethos x Voyager announcement this week! The Dev and Product teams from both sides are hard at work architecting the future of finance for this match made in heaven. We have begun the deep dive into the nitty-gritty integration details that will unlock both Ethos, Bedrock and Voyager.

We have made progress on multiple engineering fronts. Please visit our Dev Dashboard and you will see a few exciting updates:

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Bedrock xWallet APIs advanced from 45% to 55% complete.
  • Bedrock xTransact APIs advanced from 85% to 90% complete.
  • Coin Integration Upgrades in Bedrock advanced from 50% to 75% complete.
  • Round 4 of Performance & Bug improvements advanced from 15% to 40% complete.
  • Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) advanced from 15% to 50% complete.

Updated Feature Progression

  • New Feature UI/UX Enhancements – Transactions were added to the product planning stage
  • New Feature Ethos & Voyager Integration added to the Planning Stage

Aloha & Enjoy!


Sat Sept 22

Hey Ethos Fam! Another Weekly Update coming in hot:

App version 1.3 has been launched across both iOS and android. Please upgrade to unlock new features like Hiding coins in your SmartWallet, Locking your app with Fingerprint/FaceID and a series of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

A STRONG week coming from the engineering department. Please visit our Dev Dashboard and you will see a few exciting updates:

  • Updated Percentage Complete
  • Bedrock xWallet APIs advanced from 45% to 60% complete.
  • Bedrock xTransact APIs advanced from 75% to 85% complete.
  • Bedrock xAlert APIs advanced from 10% to 30% complete.
  • Coin Integration Upgrades in Bedrock advanced from 40% to 50% complete.
  • Round 4 of Performance & Bug improvements advanced from 10% to 15% complete.
  • Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) advanced from 10% to 15% complete.
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) Integration advanced from 85% to 95% complete.
  • Coin Swaps with Shapeshift advanced from 90% to 95% complete.
  • Ethos Status advanced from 50% to 95% complete.
  • Round 3 of Performance & Bug improvements advanced from 85% to 95% complete.
Updated Feature Progression
  • New Feature Push notifications completed the product planning stage.
  • Active Development Round 4 of Performance & Bug improvements is in active development.
  • Active Development Fiat Gateway Part 1 (Simplex) is in active development.
  • Final Testing Ethereum Classic (ETC) integration is in the final testing phase.
  • Final Testing Coin Swaps with Shapeshift is in the final testing phase.
  • Final Testing Ethos Status is in the final testing phase
  • Final Testing Round 3 of Performance & Bug Improvements is in the final testing phase.
  • Released Hide coins in Smartwallet is released in v1.3
  • Released App lock with Biometrics/PIN is released in v1.3
  • Released ERC20 coin additions are released v1.3
  • Released Round 2 of Performance & Bug fixes are released in v1.3

Aloha & Enjoy!


Fri Sept 14

Hey Ethos Fam! Here with another Weekly Update.

Beta testing of Version 1.3 has been going extremely well. Version 1.3 includes the ability to hide coins in a Smartwallet, onboarding of over 40+ tokens, locking the app with biometrics and PIN, and a number of performance improvements / bug fixes. We are undergoing final preparation to ship it to production, and we will keep you posted as soon as we submit for app store approval over the next few days.

We have also made great strides in our development and deployment processes. If you visit our Dev Dashboard, you will see a few exciting updates on our engineering progress, such as:

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Coin Swaps with Shapeshift increased from 75% to 90% complete.
    Round 3 of Performance & Bug improvements increased from 40% to 85% complete.
  • Ethos Status increased from 10% to 50% complete.
  • Bedrock xWallet APIs increased from 10% to 45% complete.
  • Coin Integration Upgrades increased from 10% to 40% complete.

Updated Feature Progression
Ethos Status moved from the planning stage into active development.
Bedrock xAlert APIs moved from the planning stage into active development.

Aloha & Enjoy!


Sat Sept 8

Hey Ethos Fam!

Two quick updates today. New version 1.2.7 released in the app stores for download as well as our Engineering progress on the Dev Dashboard.

New App Version 1.2.7

  • No major feature enhancements, this is a minor patch to address a small coin data issues and solidify our Hotfix process.

Dev Dashboard Progress

If you go to the Dev Dashboard, you will see the following updates on our Engineering Progress.

New Upcoming Features

  • Bedrock xAlert APIs
  • Ethos Status
  • Portfolio Page Upgrade
  • Round 4 of Performance & Bug enhancements

Updated Percentage Complete

  • Payroc Integration
  • Coin Integration upgrades
  • Coin Swaps with Shapeshift
  • xTransact APIs
  • Ether Classic
  • Round 3 of Performance & Bug enhancements
  • Expanded Base Currencies

Updated Feature Progression

  • Coin Reviews moved to Final testing
  • Coin Social/Education Links moved to Final Testing
  • Join Our Community page moved to Final Testing
  • ERC20 additions moved to Beta
  • Hide coins in SmartWallet moved to Beta
  • Lock App with Biometrics/PIN moved to Beta
  • Round 2 of Performance & Bug improvements moved to beta

Aloha & Enjoy!

Thu Aug 30

Hey Ethos Fam!

Here with exciting dev updates: New app update to version 1.2.6!

For Android users, you will be able to immediately upgrade to version 1.2.6, for iOS users, we are awaiting the Apple approval process and you will stay at version 1.1.1 until the approval is complete.

Major highlights of the app update:

  • Litecoin integration into SmartWallets
  • Dash integration into SmartWallets
  • Streamlined Send/Receive flow
  • Improved Blockchain fee calculations (speed & accuracy)
  • Delete individual Watchfolios and watch transactions
  • Implementation of +50 bug fixes

In addition to the app updates, we have also made progress on our current development initiatives. Check out the dev dash and you will see we have moved a large batch of ERC20 additions into the final stage of testing, and made progress on Round 3 of performance enhancements, coin reviews & expanded base currencies.

Aloha & Enjoy!

Sat Aug 25

Hey Ethos fam!

KDP here, coming in hot off an exciting week and we are happy to share a few Engineering updates.

Airdrops have launched!

We completed the first production version of our Airdrops tool, where we can now automatically distribute tokens from multiple projects to an enormous number of users (+60,000), using our airdrop smart contract system.

This is a MAJOR addition to our technology platform! With the Airdrop program, we are proving that we can manage large-scale token distribution campaigns, interface with smart contracts, optimize gas usage, and automatically transfer funds to many customers in a scalable and efficient way. This tech has applications across business and in the finance industry and is foundational in our ability to offer enterprise blockchain solutions that will bring blockchain into the mainstream.

Updates on the Dev Dashboard


We have moved three new features into the final Beta testing phase, including the ability to hide/remove coins from your SmartWallet, a security upgrade that allows you to lock your app with your Fingerprint/Face ID and PIN, and a fresh new round of bug fixes and performance improvements.

We made strides on features like Coin Swaps (w/ Shapeshift), Fiat Gateway pt1 (w/ Simplex), xTransact APIs, Ether Classic & Bitcoin Cash.

We also had room to start development on a few new features, including a third round of Performance & Bug enhancements, Coin Reviews and upgrades to our Coin Integration scalability.

Check out our % progress and updates on the dashboard and enjoy!


Mon Aug 6

  • AirDrop Program Officially Announced: https://www.ethos.io/ethos-community-cryptocurrency-airdrop-program
  • AirDrop Program distribution system through Universal Wallet is nearing full completion and testing.
  • Ethos has released our Dev-Dashboard to track Universal Wallet feature roadmap in a transparent way for community: https://www.ethos.io/devdash
  • Universal Wallet finally got the first official update 1.1.1 live on Apple.
  • New Update for Universal Wallet 1.1.4 has been pushed to Android and is now pending in Apple.
  • The latest upgrade includes
  1. Ability to delete watchfolio transactions
  2. Clear messaging on biometric being successfully used for sending tx
  3. Variety of bug fixes
  4. Back button on user profile goes to settings
  5. And more…

Fri Jul 28

  • Ethos has officially migrated all app-development management to Jira.
  • Thanks to an internal team effort to improve internal processes for growth – all app fixes, bugs, improvements and coin integrations are laid out in a streamlined fashion to accelerate the deployment of Universal Wallet upgrades.
  • Ethos has now shipped Universal Wallet v.1.1.3 to Android – upgrade coming soon to all Android Users.
  • Apple has taken more than 7 days to review and finalize the Universal Wallet 1.1.1 upgrade. While we escalated the issue, it appears that Apple upgrades for an app of our nature simply takes a while to review and ship to users.
  • Upgrades to the Universal Wallet will likely be now shipping every two weeks due to the pace of getting them deployed through Apple – however, this will not affect the fixing and improvement process – each upgrade will just contain more major enhancements.
  • New coin integrations are underway and being tested – and we will announce when complete and ready for users.
  • The latest upgrade includes but is not limited to the following enhancements:
    • Misc password/email change fixes
    • Fixed issues with coins not appearing in SmartWallet
    • Hour change appearing on Watchfolio tiles
    • Coin reviews update immediately
    • Refined user flows for Watchfolio add coins and adding SmartWallet from Send/Receive views
    • And more…

Contact our 24/7 support at [email protected]

Fri Jul 6

Global Rollout Continues!

  • The Universal Wallet is now Live in Android App-Store in: The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, United States Canada and Singapore.
  • The iOS App Store & Ethos are in Communication. After several days of waiting – Apple requested additional information which has now been provided. Apple approval is now pending once again.
  • Any known scams that have surfaced are being catalogued in an easy to use resource guide for the community – with a scam reporting system.
  • The Load Testing & Performance of the Universal Wallet in the deployment to new countries has been operating incredibly smooth – and the Global Rollout is on track and actually ahead of schedule.
  • Customer Service has been extremely rapid and thorough with all support tickets around the clock, as we continue to work to set the bar on crypto customer care.
  • Ethos Universal Wallet is up to 8,500 Downloads – 6,500 New Users in addition to our 2,000 Product Council Testers still actively using the app. Google App-Store has a delay in providing these metrics, however this is the current backend analytics.
  • The Dev & Product Team has been closely in touch with the Community & Marketing-Communication divisions of Ethos – synchronizing our planned & scheduled upgrades within the app to our community requests – to ensure we deliver to our community their ultimate Universal Wallet experience.

Wed Jul 4

Hello, United States!

July 4th is a special day for the United States, celebrating the anniversary of national independence.  In true Independence Day fashion, Ethos has released a new wave of financial freedom in the U.S. by launching Universal Wallet across the U. S. of A.

With the Universal Wallet, Americans can now store tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely on their Android device – all while retaining self-custody of tokens and your private key. (Apple iOS coming soon.)

To celebrate your freedom and independence, download the Universal Wallet now!

A few other tidbits:

  • The Netherlands and Germany launches went very smoothly with minimal issues.
  • As always, ongoing Dev Diary updates will be offered during Global Rollout – so stay tuned to find out which country we launch in next!
  • Here’s a handy-dandy PDF you can print out to securely store your own private SmartKey recovery phrase.

Tue Jul 3

Hallo, Deutschland.

  • Today the Ethos Universal Wallet Launched in Germany!
  • We’re now tracking real-time analytics of international engagement on Universal Wallet as Global Rollout continues.
  • Ethos Universal Wallet is a Top #6 Trending Financial App in Netherlands Google Play Store!
  • Our recent Ethos.io SEO overhaul is kicking in and we have begun trending for select keywords
  • The Netherlands launch was a success and no critical bugs were found ??
  • Currently still Android-only for now, waiting on Apple approval
  • Ethos Announced our Collaboration with PLAID to allow USD funding of accounts.
  • For support or to report a bug, open a ticket at support.ethos.io
  • You can also tweet to @ask_ethos
  • Ongoing Dev Diary updates will be offered during Global Rollout – so stay tuned to find out which country we launch in next!

Mon Jul 2


Here are a few details for everyone:

* Supports over 100 coins
* Launching in the Netherlands first
* Will roll out other regions and countries soon
* Android only for now, waiting on Apple approval
* FYI: Gas prices happen to be high right now due to Exchange voting
* How To tutorials available on support.ethos.io
* For support or to report a bug, open a ticket at support.ethos.io
* You can also tweet to @ask_ethos
* Release notes and dev updates will continue to be posted on Ethos Dev Diary

Sun Jul 1

Major shootout to the dev team for stepping up for a grueling 3rd straight all-nighter in a row and yet another 20 hour day for some of the super heroes including @Tim @derek @pete @mia @KDP to name a few. (with @Meiji and @Shingo popping in and out all night)  The devs tackled some difficult last-minute problems. Fee calculation and an edge case which would have shown different Bitcoin balances between the send and first Blockchain confirmation was deemed unacceptable for launch, so the team came together full stack implementing an entire fee feature set in a 20 hour turnaround with a tremendous effort.

The team is pushing through with resilience, grit, go-getter, stop at nothing, play like a champion attitude. Honestly this was a brutal week and even tougher weekend. Headwinds, unexpected obstacles, community pressure, letdowns to our community, messaging gone awry – and we did it with a positive attitude.

The beta Universal Wallet is in its strongest shape yet.  We can’t wait to get it into people’s hands.

Sat Jun 30 (3)

We have identified an issue with gas calculation fees given the current volatility of the Ethereum network.  Specifically ensuring floor and ceiling prices for gas in certain situations and ensuring Bedrock is polling gas prices frequently.  We are working through it right now and issuing a quick fix to test out.

Sat Jun 30 (2)

Dev team is sending each other mainnet coin via the QR Code scan feature in Google Hangouts.

Sat Jun 30

The past week has been, shall we say, intense from a coding point of view.  There has also been increasingly intense interest from the Ethos community, especially as people see posts and videos from the product council showing up on social media.  With the extensive global testing the wallet has undergone, we’ve found edge and not-so-edge cases that we determined we would address.  Given the modular nature of our stack, (Docker, Kubernetes, GraphQL) we feel we’re able to safely tweak microservices as we go.  The good news is across the board both the back-end and front-end feel more stable and faster than ever.

The engineering team has just gotten off a substantial final coding and testing bender, making sure our unique combination of UX, back-end technologies, cross-platform mobile support and the chains and coins are all working together.  At 4am, everything was looking…well pretty darn good.

We are just about there.

Sun Jun 24

We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from our 2000 beta testers worldwide.  Thank you to everyone who has been using it across the globe and providing feedback. Here’s where the Universal Wallet is now being used!

The only major open issues are some interesting edge cases to how the wallet interacts with Ethereum and also how to optimize transactions with the right amount of Gwei.  We are also tuning the user experience and getting feedback on specific screens, login flow, password reset, etc.

We are also working on a coin abstraction API to enable other developers to easily integrate their coins into the Universal Wallet.  This will make it easy for existing and future coins to rapidly integrate into the Universal Wallet.

We are working as hard as possible towards a global launch and getting the wallet into everyone’s hands!

Sat Jun 16

We are seeing successful Mainnet transactions on the Universal Wallet beta!  Here’s a video to check out from Mia:

Wed Jun 13

Approved by Apple for Testflight, so now we can dramatically increase the number of iOS devices we are testing against.  This includes iPads, as Apple found some cosmetic issues on older iPads which the dev team addressed.

We tested a bunch of coins in the latest build today, looking good and we plan to post video shortly.  To our expanded Product Council, expect instructions soon!

Sun Jun 10

Migrating Mainnet to a Production Environment and we are seeing significant performance improvements to our block parsing.

We are keeping a close eye on the production environment.  Hoping to submit to Apple within the next 24 hours.  Once Apple approves, we’ll go pencils down (hopefully Monday) for a go/no go to the larger 2000 product council beta group Tuesday.

Tues Jun 5

We have implemented all Pentest suggestions and have a final Production build which we plan to submit to Apple TestFlight for final Product Council testing.

We have encountered an issue with the Production build with sending that did not appear in the debug version of the app.  This is harder to debug because – well it’s not a debug version.  However we have been actively working last night and today on narrowing down the issue to solve it.

Tue May 29, 2018

Lots of progress across multiple different sectors all pushing us towards global release.

First, we received all the results of the Pentest and got a lot of very helpful feedback on our security model and APIs. Shoutout to Alec for owning that process and leading the charge on security to make the app more secure. We are nearly finished with all the fixes with no major hiccups.

Second, Derek has completed TestFlight integration to remove the cap on iPhone users! We are nearly finished onboarding all the new product council members thanks the the hard work by Kenley and those that have been onboarded already have been getting new builds almost every day. TestFlight integration will also set us up for Apple approval.

Third, a big milestone for the UW will be company-wide mainnet payroll on June 1. We are putting our money where our mouth is and conducting company-wide payments on mainnet directly in the Universal Wallet. If we feel confident in this process without any hitches, we will be releasing the mainnet build to the expanded product council.

We are getting very close. Our launch list which consists of the final items that need to be completed prior to a “Go” decision is 59% complete with the team crushing an average of 4.5% per day.

We also have some exciting news to share with the community very soon as a lot of moving pieces both on the technical and financial side have been coming together. More to come soon.

Sun May 27, 2018

The time invested in the wallet we feel is beginning to pay off. We have big plans for the future, and absolutely everything depends on a scalable and rock solid wallet infrastructure. We’ve made some huge strides and this was a big week on many levels for us.

After seeing the initial results from our beta testers, we decided to re-code portions of the Ethos block listener and block parser. These are the components that listen to blockchains for transactions related to addresses setup in Ethos wallets so they can be abstracted and cached quickly.

We decided the first implementation of the block parsing wasn’t resilient or fast enough because we were essentially parsing and recording entire blocks. We decided to listen for, parse and record individual transactions, and log errors individually. This new approach has several advantages:

1) Improved resilience – Errors found in blocks won’t prevent recordings of other transactions in a block. This improves the user experience by decreasing the likelihood that their transaction isn’t going to get stalled by a parsing issue.

2) Easier and faster debugging –Previously we had to re-parse hundreds of transactions to find the sources of errors which was time consuming for debugging. Ethos engineers can find the issue more quickly.

3) Better visibility for the support desk – Support and DevOps can more easily track down issues and resolve support tickets.

4) More control over the load placed on the nodes – We can throttle parsing if the wrapper service puts too much load on the node, or load-balance across nodes.

Operating the Ethos architecture at scale during beta has improved the overall architecture, performance and stability. We have successfully put Ethereum and Bitcoin nodes into this new architecture and behind load balancers as we continue to port this architecture to other coins.

We are feeling increasingly confident that we will be able to announce a launch date soon with a release in June. Stay tuned.

Mon May 21, 2018

Mia and the Coin Crew have rolled a bunch of new coins into the Universal Wallet!  This is cool on three levels,

  1. There’s more coins!
  2. It is proving out the unusual path Ethos chose with our Block Parser and Blockchain Abstraction Layer (in that it’s working), and,
  3. These coins are being tested in MainNet in our RC2 instance.

On that last point: Pete and the IT team are currently maintaining 4 environments: staging, RC1, RC2 and Production) and we are testing across all of them.  Currently the plan is to keep staging and RC1 on TestNet and have RC2 and Production be MainNet. And our newly created dedicated QA team will be ensuring rigorous testing and success benchmarks as we progress final builds from staging through to production.

Sweet screenshot from KDP below:

Wed May 16, 2018

We have a special development update today from Shingo! Read it right here

Mon May 14, 2018

Many thanks to our tireless testers and QA team who put real tokens at stake to test out the UW beta.  We are so grateful for your efforts.

This testing has identified some data and edge cases we have decided to use to improve our block parsing scalability and error handling. An issue that has surfaced has been abnormal transactions preventing recording of other transactions in the block.  So we are breaking the blocks up into “mini blocks” on the transaction level on a wallet and coin basis.  This will have the benefits of improved resilience, easier debugging, better visibility for support and more control over the load placed on our hosted nodes.

We anticipate checking the changes into Production in the next day or two.  We will first do some sanity and user testing on Testnet, and then roll the changes into a wider Mainnet testing cycle.  When these changes are all vetted and ready, we are anticipating expanding the beta test program to 2,000 participants as the final stage before initial country release.

Also, expecting initial penetration testing results this evening.

Shingo will have more details this week.

Wed May 9, 2018

The refactored Price and Price History queries have been optimized 10x.  Product council and beta testers immediately noticed the different.  Also we have moved the price service to its own dedicated database.

Internal testing of Mainnet has started.  Currently we are maintaining versions on both Testnet and Mainnet.  Seeing mostly cleanly parsed blocks on Mainnet.

The dedicated QA team has been expanded from 1 to 4 and interfacing directly with our support team who are dealing with the now 200+ beta testers.

Sun May 6, 2018

This weekend, Tim started the process of preparing to scale to other blockchains.  This entails new wrappers on our node services that can interface with our block parsing services.  Additionally, we have identified developer operation alerts and health checks on our servers and blockchain nodes to implement.

The security penetration testing team is hammering away on the current Android APK of the app. We are addressing bugs that are strengthening our authentication and recovery method for users that were uncovered by the product council during user testing and as well as rapidly crossing off a shrinking list of P0 bugs.

Fri May 4, 2018

Last few days have been about security, which obviously is an extremely important issue for a universal crypto wallet.  We have been working with a solid white hat hacker firm – alas they must remain anonymous for security purposes, but these guys are exceptionally qualified.

The penetration test turned up some useful information. The hackers mapped our external infrastructure, and identified several endpoints and legacy applications/services that we now no longer have exposed, along with recommendations for DNS configuration. Ethos brute force protections proved effective as the enumeration was stifled, and our public site is not vulnerable to XSS.  Kudos to Alec for setting up and conducting the pen test and Mia for same-day implementation of several of the recommended changes.

Wed May 2, 2018

Exciting day: we have a build that is pointed at Mainnet and are testing Mainnet nodes!  We are still working out kinks and proceeding with care, but it’s an extremely important milestone nonetheless.  So at this point we have dev and staging environments pointed to Testnet, and a live production environment pointed at Mainnet.

Also thank you to everyone in the Product Council who has been banging away on the wallet.   In the first day of testing on this latest release we logged over 7 days worth of time in the Android app alone and had over 590 public addresses successfully created along with over 350 watch folios.  We will be expanding out product council and pre-registration testing as we drop more releases.


Since Saturday the team has crushed 17 major P-0 bugs and a bunch of smaller ones.  Shout out to Deepak who has been doing a huge amount of the bug crushing personally and Alec who discovered an obscure Android wallet syncing issue.  No mercy or quarter- we do not negotiate with bugs!

Also a huge development last night for Ethos continuous integration and deployment (CICD) pipeline.  Derek has setup automated mobile builds for staging, RC1 and Production across Testnet and Mainnet.   What does this mean, you ask?  It means we can stage and test new coins while launching production wallets, all from the some client code base with a push of a button.  Really awesome work!

Mon April 30, 2018

Thank you to all of our Product Council and pre-reg members who banged on the Universal Wallet beta app.  We received a ton of incredibly helpful feedback!  Our objective now is to get a new release out to you with fixes and updates ASAP, especially on login, fee estimation and pending transactions.

There was also a core use case of “if I lose my email how do I get back into my wallet” that we are looking at solving using the smart key mnemonic itself, although this is a new feature not a bug fix eg may impact schedule.  However it seems important enough that we should figure this out so we are doing a fast scope evaluation.

Sun April 29, 2018

Weekend focus is getting block listeners to process bulk test transactions.  This is the basis of how airdrops will work post-launch, so important that we thoroughly test this process.  Also received a ton of feedback from Product Council on login flows and tuning and polishing those.  Last but not least working on fee estimation for Bitcoin and ETH transfers;  some nuances between test and main net.

Fri April 27, 2018

First Product Council build dropped yesterday to 200 or so devices.  Found an issue with the blockchain listener where transactions stop recording when it finds a bad block;  fixing that.  All the usage is uncovering very useful issues in our system tracers across multiple devices.  Also found an issue where existing accounts have to go through tutorial and terms of service acceptance on logout / login.

Planning to build and drop an update this afternoon.

Wed April 25, 2018

We are preparing to launch first product council testing against our production environment. Also planning to drop micro funds into product council wallets for main net testing with an eye towards testing our Airdrop scripts with participating coins and ensuring end-to-end functionality.

Tues April 24, 2018

Dev team made a ton of progress over the weekend and we were able to kick off the penetration test and third party security audit. Today we are working on hardening everything and doing one last round of internal testing to prepare for Product Council and limited pre-reg release on 4/26. All pre-reg members who were selected have already received emails and gone through the verification process to be added to this release.

Mon April 23, 2018

We are hardening the front and back end, and preparing to build from RC to Production.  Today’s focus is integrating CDN and DDOS on Production;  we’ve decided to roll this across Dev and RC as well.  Fingers crossed, on track to distribute a new build to PC tomorrow.

Sun April 22, 2018

In our efforts to keep you informed, here’s an update on the Universal Wallet.

We have just completed another round of intensive testing of the Universal Wallet App. This is an essential part of the process as it allows us to collect feedback and data to ensure stability and robustness across both new and old device types and models. We have team members in 8 time zones hard at work 24/7 implementing improvements from rounds of testing, which they are incorporating into the latest version of the app over the next few days. Every iteration is miles ahead of the previous one and it is incredible to see all the rapid progress that is being made.

With this latest round of testing completed, we are excited to let you know that we are now ready to move on to the next stage. This next stage involves two critical elements:

  1. A full process-level 3rd party security audit and penetration test of the Universal Wallet, infrastructure and back-end that will kick off Monday April 23rd.
  2. Expanding the number of early testers to a broader audience including all Product Council members and select Pre-registration users by the end of this coming week.

We understand that there is a high level of demand for the UW and a certain level of frustration with the pace of rolling out the app to each and everyone of you, but we remain committed to security and stability as our primary objectives. Once the app moves past this phase of development it will be ready for a global rollout.

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
― Shigeru Miyamoto

Thank you for your patience.

Sat April 21, 2018


Bedrock: Tim finished data backfilling into RC1 environment with Andrew using our new backfill rate limiting logic. RC1 will be our master source of historical coin data going forward for all environments and assets we spin up in the future.  Also Tim is load testing transaction tests on Bedrock’s block listeners. Edward stepped on 9 P0 login and signup edge case bugs. Nidish is cross training on the node wrappers, block listeners and txn recorder code.

Client: Derek is adding a crash reporting hub for all devices to zero in on problem or new devices quickly. Deepak nailed 10 P-0 bugs last night.

Dev Ops: Mia is working on the dev ops run book as well as prepping us for wrapping and launching new nodes and ERC20 tokens. Pete focused on RC and Production environments. Tanuj picking up slack on the mobile dev ops.

Security: Alec getting us prepped for the security penetration test which we’ll conduct on our Production environment.

Support & Product: KDP working w/ Thijmen and Kenley to clean up the support desk pipeline end to end. Shingo aims to have the best support in the crypto space, drawing people from the community.

Fri April 20, 2018

Adding Firebase which will give us much richer Crashlytics data.

Building RC1 environment, the stage prior to Production and refining our CI/CD.

Implementing SMA (Simple Moving Average) into graphs.

Refining and enhancing transaction view.

Thurs April 19, 2018

Universal Wallet Genesis Build 85 showing good engagement on a Time in App per User from the Product Council G1 and the first few Pre-reg testers.

Wed April 18, 2018

Updated extended key registration and coin slot creation complete.  Also Build 83 has dramatically increased the performance of real-time coin graphs.

Also Derek is working his ass off:

Mon April 16, 2018

Identified an fine-grained issue with extended key registration for multiple blockchains with BIP-32 and BIP-44 hierarchical keys.  Decision was made to generate a key in a way that won’t be backwards compatible with other wallets, but will enable easier support of existing and future blockchains.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Android and iOS Genesis builds to demonstrate at the Ethos Summit.