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Cryptocurrency SmartWallet: An Inside Look

Underneath the hood of the Ethos Universal Wallet lives our SmartWallet technology. The Ethos SmartWallet gives you an easy way to securely store and manage your coins on multiple blockchains. Here is the Inside Look of the features within our SmartWallet.

Secure Storage

Store all of your tokens, coins and digital assets safely and securely on your mobile device. Your PIN and biometric data (i.e., finger print), in combination with leading encryption techniques, allows you to keep your crypto safe and under your control. Generate new wallet addresses at the touch of a button. Securing your assets has never been so simple!


Take back control. The Ethos SmartKey and SmartWallet allow you to maintain complete control of your funds at all times. The days of trusting your funds, private keys and assets with a centralized entity are over.

Multiple blockchains and more to come

Combining the best of the BIP32, 39, and 44 standards, we built a wallet that will let you hold assets across multiple blockchains. We will be adding new coins on an ongoing basis. For the latest on what is being integrated, check out our Dev Dash.

Ethos Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

Portfolio Performance

Track your portfolio’s performance. Whether you want a quick overview of the top gainer and loser in your portfolio over the last 24 hours, or you want to take a deeper dive, the Ethos app makes it easy and fun!


Learn and make more informed decisions. Explore coin profiles that combine raw data, key facts, social intelligence – with technical analysis tools, community ratings and more.

Intuitive Interface

Built with you in mind, the SmartWallet is the most user friendly and intuitive crypto wallet on the market. Easily send and receive assets from your SmartWallet, view graphs and analytics, and learn about projects all in one place.

No Fees, No Limits

The basic functions of the Universal Wallet are free. Aside from transactions fees, Ethos will never charge you to deposit or withdraw your crypto. Additionally, there is no minimum or maximum crypto deposit or withdrawal limits.

We hope that this guide is helpful to give you an inside look into the Cryptocurrency SmartWallet.

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