Cryptocurrency Sentiment Analysis – May 30th, 2018

Cryptocurrency Price Sentiment

Cryptocurrency expectations continue to be correlated to falling prices – we see a drop in the number of respondents who expect prices to rise, and an uptick in those who expect prices to fall.

Crypto Enthusiasm

Falling prices are dampening enthusiasm a little – we see a small drop in the level of enthusiasm this week!

Crypto Satisfaction

Satisfaction levels continued to dip some more, but majority of respondents retain high levels of satisfaction.

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

Majority continue to think the broader financial system will partake in crypto.

Investment Plan

The number of respondents who intend to HODL rose significantly, whereas the number of those who intend to invest more fell. Are these early signs of crypto panic?

Crypto Scams

In spite of a slight drop vs last week, a large majority continues to see serious projects (vs scams) in crypto.

Excitement about Crypto

Frustrations with Crypto