Cryptocurrency Sentiment Ethos Bar

Cryptocurrency Price Sentiment

Cryptocurrency Price Expectations have been tempered a little by falling prices – we see a drop in the number of respondents who expect prices to rise, and an uptick in those who expect prices to fall.

Crypto Enthusiasm

Crypto enthusiasts are a hardy bunch! Enthusiasm for crypto is at its highest levels in spite of the recent downtrend in prices.

Crypto Satisfaction

Satisfaction levels dipped a little in the last couple of weeks, but majority of respondents retain high levels of satisfaction.

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

We saw another uptick this week – majority continue to think the broader financial system will partake in crypto.

Investment Plan

The number of respondents who intend to stand pat rose this week – those who intend to invest more still remain a majority but the number fell slightly.

Crypto Scams

After a slight drop last week, the number of respondents who continue to see serious projects resumed its upward trend this week.