Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis – June 6, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Price Sentiment

Could cryptocurrency market price expectations be finding a bottom? Compared to last week, we see a similar number of respondents who expect prices to rise (fall).

Crypto Enthusiasm

Level of enthusiam is a little weaker from two weeks ago, but remains high.

Crypto Satisfaction

Satisfaction levels dipped a little in the last couple of weeks, but majority of respondents retain high levels of satisfaction.

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

We see a small uptick this week – majority continue to think the broader financial system will partake in crypto.

Investment Plan

There is a tie between those who intend to HODL, and those who intend to invest more. Let’s see how it resolves in the coming weeks.

Crypto Scams

Although still a majority, the number of respondents who continue to see serious projects fell a little more last week.

Excitement about Crypto

Frustrations with Crypto