Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis – June 13, 2018

Cryptocurrency Price Sentiment

Cryptocurrency price expectations appear to have found a bottom, but with the recent market sell-off will we see similar results next week?

Crypto Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm levels stayed flat in spite of declining crypto prices – crypto enthusiasts are indeed a tough bunch to scare!

Crypto Satisfaction

Satisfaction levels rose after the recent downtrend. We will continue to watch whether the rise can be sustained with the current sell-off.

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

The measure continues to hold up this week after the recent uptick, with respondents remaining confident that traditional financial system will partake in crypto.

Investment Plan

Last week’s tie got resolved this week! Those who intend to invest more beat those who intend to HODL.

Crypto Scams

Majority respondents continue to see serious projects, but their numbers continue to fall for a third week now.

Excitement about Crypto

Frustrations with Crypto