Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Updated July 18, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Price Sentiment

We saw a reversal from last week’s increase in price expectations. Will this week’s market rally turn things around?

Crypto Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm returned to a 5 handle after seeing its greatest increase last week. Was this due to last week’s sell off?

Crypto Satisfaction

Respondents from both sides hold their position, with the majority remaining satisfied.

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

The greatest increase since the beginning of April, and a break from the 6-week standstill, is sending the naysayers to new lows.

Investment Plan

After a 7-week deadlock, the number of respondents who plan to invest more shot up by 5%. Has the market found a bottom?

Crypto Scams

Respondents who see serious projects dipped back this week, but continue to hold a clear majority.

Excitement about Crypto

Frustrations with Crypto