Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment Analysis

Updated August 9, 2018

Cryptocurrency Market Price Sentiment

The crypto sell off broke the past weeks trendless state, driving price sentiment down 14% to 20% across the different coins.

Crypto Enthusiasm

With the latest crypto sell off, enthusiasm has reached a new low. Will a comeback be in order?

Crypto Satisfaction

Although satisfaction levels have dropped to the lowest we’ve seen, the majority still remain satisfied in the crypto market.

Crypto and the Traditional Financial Ecosystem

Even with the postponement of the Bitcoin ETF, supporters are holding strong that the traditional financial system will partake.

Investment Plan

The cash out camp had their largest spike this week, increasing by 2.3%.

Crypto Scams

For a third week, respondents from both camps continue to maintain their positions.

Excitement about Crypto

Frustrations with Crypto