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Meme contest for Ethos Magic Keys and self-custody



“Better Safe Than Sorry”



We’re excited to announce a meme contest for Ethos Magic Keys and self-custody. Show off your creativity and sense of humor by creating a meme related to Ethos Magic Keys or self-custody and share it in the  #memes – ethos general channel on discord



  • Submissions must be original creations and not include any copyrighted or trademarked content
  • Entries must be submitted by 31st of March and should be in the form of a meme (image with a witty or funny caption)
  • The meme must be related to Ethos Magic Keys or self-custody.
  • Each participant can submit an unlimited number of memes for the contest and 5 winners will be chosen based on the number of reactions on their meme to receive 1,000 Ethos each
  • On or before March 31, 2023


Blog Article contest for Ethos Magic Keys and Self Custody



Ethos Magic Keys and Self Custody


Title Sample

Unlocking the Future of Self-Custody with Ethos Magic Keys (creative freedom – pick your title related to the topic. Feel free to use the sample title, fastest fingers first!)



Tired of the insecure process of managing your crypto keys? Look no further than Ethos Magic Keys – the revolutionary solution to make self-custody of your crypto assets not only secure, but also user-friendly. With Ethos Magic Keys, you can rest assured that your keys are split, encrypted, and protected with multiple layers of security, including social guardians and secure enclave technology. In this blog article contest, we invite you to explore the importance of self-custody and the benefits of Ethos Magic Keys, and share your thoughts on the future of decentralized finance.




The Evolution of Wallet Security: How Ethos Magic Keys Outsmart Traditional Methods

  • Compare and contrast Ethos Magic Keys with traditional wallet solutions like mnemonic phrases and hardware wallets
  • Explain the technical aspects of Ethos Magic Keys, such as safe words, shards, and social guardians
  • Provide real-life examples of hacks and thefts that could have been prevented with Ethos Magic Keys

The Power of Social Recovery: Why Ethos Magic Keys Need Social Guardians

  • Discuss the concept of social recovery and its importance in self-custody wallet management
  • Explain how Ethos Magic Keys leverage social guardians to enhance security and trust
  • Provide tips on how to choose trustworthy social guardians and best practices for social recovery

The Future of Self-Custody: How Ethos Magic Keys Enable Mass Adoption of Decentralized Platforms

  • Discuss the current state of decentralized platforms and the barriers to mass adoption
  • Explain how Ethos Magic Keys can solve the key management problem and make self-custody more accessible and user-friendly

Deadline & Guidelines:

  • The article should be submitted on or before 31st of March in the #blog contests channel on discord
  • The article should be between 500 to 1000 words
  • The article should be original and not previously published
  • The article should be written in English and free of grammatical errors
  • The article should include at least two images or graphics
  • The article should include references and sources (if applicable)
  • The article should be submitted in a Word or Google Doc format
  • 5 winners will be selected to receive 1,000 Ethos each and the best article will be featured on the Ethos blog.