Community Airdrop Program Phase One is Complete – With More to Come

We have successfully completed Phase 1 of our Community Airdrop Program for pre-registered users! During this first phase, we deployed tokens from BitDegree, Lympo, OmiseGo, Polymath, RestartEnergy and aXpire to over 60,000 of our eligible Universal Wallet users.

Go Team!

A special shout out goes to our development team who skillfully constructed a wonderfully robust Airdrop Tool. They did so by building on the efficiencies of our existing payroll delivery system. The result? Outputting large, customized batches of airdrops to tens of thousands – without clogging the Ethereum Network or raising gas prices. We’re proud to say this ensures the long term success of forthcoming Community Airdrop Programs.

Fun Fact – Utilizing this Airdrop Tool, we can officially implement custom airdrops to users and specific token holders, further expanding the powerful possibilities of Airdrop Program campaigns in the future.

Our Extended Family – the Airdrop Partners

The Ethos team would like to send sincerest thanks to our Community Airdrop Partners for collaborating in this program. We’re proud to support each of your incredible companies through the Universal Wallet.

Airdrop Program – Phase 2 on the Horizon

The next round of Airdrops will be continue to be distributed to all of our pre-registered users. We are currently integrating the remaining the tokens into the Universal Wallet, and working closely with the teams to ensure we have all of the data and functionality necessary to make them live in the wallet.

Once all of our Phase 2 Coins have been integrated and are fully-transactable in the Universal Wallet, we will begin initiating Phase 2 of Airdrops for all of our pre-registered users. Sit tight and we will announce the start date of Community Airdrop Program – Phase 2 in the coming weeks!

Airdrop Partners scheduled for Phase 2 include:

  •  SmartCash
  • Ravencoin
  • Zilla
  • IQeon
  • SEAL
  • SyncFab
  • Flashcoin
  • Paccoin
  • Bodhi
  • Parachute
  • Ganjacoin
  • Shard
  • Nuls
  • ColossusXT

Am I eligible to receive Airdrops Phase 2?

Here’s a quick way to know if you’re eligible to receive airdrops from this program.
Eligibility Checklist (Now Complete):

  • You pre-registered for the Universal Wallet before July 2nd.
  • You received an email from the Ethos Team, prompting you to create a SmartWallet to receive airdrops.
  • Using the same email address entered at the time of pre-registration, you created an account and your first SmartWallet in the app by August 16th.
  • All Airdrop tokens will be evenly distributed to all eligible community members.

Only individuals who completed these steps are eligible. Did you check all three boxes? Well then, you’re good to go! Look out for email updates and social media posts for a heads up on when our next round will be live.

What To Expect from Future Rounds of Airdrops

This is just the beginning, Ethos Fam. Now that we’re equipped with an Airdrop Tool that seamlessly delivers tokens to large numbers of Universal Wallet users and as we increase coin support, we’re looking to forward to designing Airdrop Programs that will continue to delight our growing list of active users and Token Partners. Look out for announcements in the near the future!

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